Benisouk is bought to the world by Ayman and Youssef — themselves coming from nomadic Berber families, they are the ninth generation of their kin to be immersed in this beautiful craft.


Ayman inherited his knowledge of Moroccan rugs from his grandmother, while Youssef was introduced to Moroccan artisanal work from his father, who was a master leather worker.


With their shared ancestral knowledge, Ayman and Youssef have spent their entire adult lives building bridges of trade between the colorful souk markets of Morocco, and competitive retail and wholesale markets throughout the world.

The idea of starting Benisouk came four years ago when they visited the villages of Taznakht in South Morocco. That’s where they met artisans of the Berber villages who told them about their financial struggles — the villagers had immense collective knowledge in their crafts, but had no real way of turning that into income for their families.


With a collective desire to connect those Berber people with a better life, they have embarked on their most exciting project yet — making the world’s finest Moroccan artisanal goods .


Preserver of Moroccan Mastery

Benisouk is a fair trade enterprise that is 100%
committed to the preservation of Moroccan cultural
heritage. We work exclusively with local craftspeople who follow traditional techniques passed down through generations.

Our ultimate goal is to keep the Moroccan artisanal
tradition alive for generations to come.

Guardian of the
Moroccan Fair Trade

Our strict ethical code ensures that all Benisouk products are made in a safe and healthy working
environment, with workers receiving livable wages and
reasonable working hours.

We are committed to ensuring that all Benisouk
employees are treated with the utmost esteem, and we are
proud to have built long-standing relationships with our
craftspeople based on trust and mutual respect.

Ambassador for
Moroccan Rugs

As the world’s largest online Moroccan rug shop, we offer
an unrivaled selection of high-quality, handmade
Moroccan goods at the most competitive prices.

We are proud to be the link between Moroccan artisans and
international businesses, and we are committed to
providing the best possible service to our customers.