We made it for you.

All Benisouk products are handmade,

by extraordinary people, with love,

and for the sake of love.

How are the artisans paid?

Benisouk is a fair trade enterprise that is 100% committed to the preservation of Moroccan cultural heritage.


We work exclusively with local craftspeople who follow traditional techniques passed down through generations.


Our ultimate goal is to keep the Moroccan artisanal tradition alive for generations to come.

How do we provide great

value for our customers?

Our strict ethical code ensures that all Benisouk products are made in a safe and healthy working environment, with workers receiving livable wages and reasonable working hours.


We are committed to ensuring that all Benisouk employees are treated with the utmost esteem, and we are proud to have built long-standing relationships with our craftspeople based on trust and mutual respect.

Weaving process

1. Gathering of the finest wool.


2. Wool cleaning, washing and drying.


3. Scouring, grading, carding and spinning.


4. Dying of the wool.


5. Weaving the rug.


6. Final treatment.