How to make a girly Moroccan bedroom

5th May 2019

Bedrooms are a sanctuary to rest and recuperate. Traditionally for sleeping, as children grow older they also become places to play, work or to host friends. The bedroom becomes a personal space withi … read more

What makes Azilal rug so unique

5th May 2019

What is Moroccan Azilal carpet? Azilal rugs are named after the mountainous region where they are made, about 180km from Marrakech. It is in everyday life that the tribal women of this region give lif … read more

What to know about Moroccan leather pouf

5th May 2019

Over millennia, Morocco has hosted many civilizations, religions and cultures. During this time, it has fused cultural aspects from all these civilisations – Berbers, Arabs, Romans, Spanish, African - … read more