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In recent years, Berber rugs have become a decorative trend.
The oriental style of these rugs from Morocco has something that makes them special and worthy of admiration.
Perhaps it is because they are handmade by Berber villages or because of the soft colours and textures of the materials.
Discover with us the legends and stories that hide these rugs.

Beni Ouarain rug

There are different types of Moroccan or rather Berber carpets, because they are traditionally made by the tribes of North Africa.
But if there is a kind of Arab carpet par excellence, it is the Beni Ouarain, made by the women of the tribe, which bears the same name.


It is very easy to recognize a Beni Ouarain carpet because it generally has a neutral color base (white, grey, ochre) and is decorated with geometric lines usually black or dark brown.
It is perfect for decorating large spaces in the Nordic style and with white tones on the walls. This carpet will add a lot of light to your space.
Made of sheep's wool, the Beni Ourain carpet has a very pleasant texture, so you can walk around the house barefoot.

Origin of Beni Ourain rugs

Originally, Beni Ourain carpets were woven from sheep's wool from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. It is a grazing area and they make carpets both for use and for sale.

Carpets are woven on large vertical looms and can reach a considerable height.
It was then that women began to weave the large rugs with their hands from a cotton and wool base.

In ancient times, the Berbers used these carpets as bedspreads, blankets, but not as carpets.


How to decorate with a Berber carpet

Moroccan rugs are perfect for almost any style. Arab decoration has been imposed as one of the trends of recent years and for the moment it does not seem to have an end.
If you are looking for a bohemian touch in your home decoration, a Beni Ourain rug is what you need.
It is also made of cotton to be perfect for both summer and winter; you don't need to remove it when you change seasons.

You can always add your personal touch with other Arab objects such as a teapot, geometrically inspired cushions or ceiling lights that give your home a totally Moroccan look.

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