Samar - Moroccan Suspended Chandelier

Moroccan Suspended Chandelier

This uniquely shaped fiery light in the sky originated in Fez, Morocco. The Samar Moroccan Pendant Light is a beautiful light fitting that will revitalize your space.
Hanging from the ceiling with thousands of punctured holes and a petal-like pattern along the top and bottom rims creates an absolutely stunning display that will dazzle any audience.
The understated elegance of traditional and classic Moroccan pendant lighting is a sight for sore eyes, giving your space the most inviting aesthetic.
This textured beauty is an exquisite example of antique Moroccan lighting. They are shaped from sheets of solid brass and chiseled patterns throughout the round body.
Once lit, the light emanates a warm glow within the body around the carved patterns while projecting onto the ceilings and surrounding wall space.
Our Samar Moroccan pendant light creates a beautiful silhouette effect when lit up, evoking a classy Moroccan night vibe to your contemporary space.


Crafted wholly out of brass components, this magical pendant will take you all the way to Morocco through its hand-cut arabesque motifs. 


Material: 100% brass

IN-STORE AVAILABILITY: This pendant light can be delivered to you in 5-6 weeks.

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