The multicolored world of the souks, where jostle various objects …, is the sacred domain of craftsmen who, day after day, tirelessly repeat ancestral gestures learned from father to son. From raw materials – plaster, stone, soil, wood, argan-based cosmetics. These artists create sumptuous decors, where colors, geometric and floral motifs abound.
moroccan souk benisouk
Today, Moroccan crafts brings together some 70 different jobs. This ancestral lifestyle offers a diversity of creations and materials used: wood, copper, stone, iron, leather …
Without this activity thousands of families would be condemned to poverty. But also indicate a decline in tourism that would mark the end of this extraordinary bustle of the souks that gives loafers whose senses are awake a feeling of dizziness and the impression of diving in the past of the country.
We work with these artists to revive traditional art and give new life to those who have suffered the vagaries of the evolution of human societies in economic and social terms.
We want to further develop the know-how and encourage learning. In short, to give them the means to create their own wealth for a
lasting authenticity.
happy craftswomen benisouk