Kilim material that totally transforms your interior and gives it instant soul.

100% Moroccan Atlas wool, unbelievably light and luscious.

100% Hand-loomed by an Artist Craftswoman with an ancestral know-how that increases in value.

Zipper closure.

Insert not included.


Mudcloth can be cleaned with good results by a dry cleaner, machine washing or by hand washing. Be aware some dry cleaners will not clean hand made fabrics.

If machine washing, place fabric in a lingerie bag and wash in cold water using the gentle cycle and a mild laundry detergent. The water will turn dark therefore at least initially the fabric should be washed by itself. You may have to rinse the machine before laundering other clothing.

On initial cleaning by any method there may be some fading. Dry flat or hang dry. Mudcloth can also be pressed using a steam iron with good results.

Our floor pillows are treated and cleaned by specialists before shipment.

We guarantee natural and clean items of the highest quality.

Basic care:

Wipe off the dust with a soft dry cloth.

Stain treatment:

If the stain has been caused by a liquid, you must act quickly to prevent drying - use paper towels to absorb and then shampoo to clean. When in doubt, professional dry cleaning will always remain your best choice.

Basic care:

For long-lasting maintenance, use a vacuum cleaner.

Stain treatment:

If the stain has been caused by a liquid, you must act quickly to prevent drying - use paper towels to absorb and then shampoo to clean. When in doubt, professional dry cleaning will always remain your best choice.

Shipping & Returns


Your order will be delivered via DHL or UPS to your home within 3-5 business days after shipping.

We ensure the careful handling and safe delivery of our furniture, fragile and bulky items.


Returns are accepted for this product. All returns must be postmarked within fourteen (14) days of the delivery date.

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Artisan Support

Today, Moroccan craftsmanship includes about 70 different trades. This ancestral way of life offers a diversity of creations and materials used: wood, copper, stone, iron, leather ...

Without this activity, thousands of families would be condemned to poverty which would mark the end of the extraordinary dynamism of the souks.

We are working with these artists to revive traditional art and give new life to those who have suffered the consequences of the economic and social issues of human societies.

Our priority is to further develop the weaving know-how and encourage the learning of our artisans in order to give them the means to achieve total financial independence for a happy and fulfilling life. 

How are the artisans paid?

Rug making is a long process and constitutes an integral part of the Berber communities we operate in, therefore Benisouk stands as a guarantor to maintain a long-standing relationship with them. As custodians, we take our responsibility to support our artisans, their culture, their communities through the rug-making process and comply with any legal requirements for human and labor rights. 

It is only right, as a leader in the trade of Berber handmade rugs, to give a fair remuneration. We always do our best to support our artisans and communities in a way that reflects the human spirit. That is why we are committed to re-invest at least 15% of our profits in the development of rural communities and provide additional subsidies that allow our artisans and their families to flourish financially and personally.


Why sould I buy my Moroccan rug from Benisouk ?

No one is more familiar with the Berber rugs than the Berber tribes of Morocco. Benisouk belongs to a family of Berber craftsmen of great skill and endless passion.

What are your shippping fees ?

BENISOUK partners with selected couriers to deliver to several countries worldwide.
We offer free shipping worldwide for US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and EUROPE. International shipping rates may apply if you are outside these areas. Duty fees are only covered for UK and Canada ,they may apply for the rest of destinations.

How to fill your pillows ?

Fill your floor pillow with polyester stuffing, wool fiber or cotton fiber until the desired density is reached - from soft to firm.
You can also fill it with unused clothing and textiles.
Make sure to fill the edges to give it a nice shape.

Why do handmade rugs sometimes have imperfections ?

Don't you think that a flaw in your rug is bad. The imperfections of handmade rugs give it character and charm and increase its value. From unusual borders, color fading, imperfect shapes, each rug is unique. Any decorator or designer will recognize an authentic Moroccan rug and be amazed by its splendor.

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