Square Boujad Floor Pillow

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  • This Boujad floor pillow is an elegant and healthy sitting arrangement for adults who want to encourage a better sitting posture and children who want a warm and comforting child sized seat. floor pillows are perfect to foster intimacy while encouraging the same physical benefits from meditating in self-supported sitting positions.

    The Boujad floor pillow will transform your interior into a sacred cove. Berbers call the Boujag rug the “table mat” and so the Boujad floor pillows are the chairs, high recognition of the way this expressive artwork brings life to the family “table”. These floor pillows are also easily stored away, under a table or piled in a corner, ready for when guests arrive.

    This Boujad floor pillow will exercise your skeletal muscles, as you to sit self-supported, and in doing so will help you build a healthier body. A habit of sitting on floor cushions can improve longevity by engaging your abdominal muscles and hip joints. While sitting with friends, you will enjoy their company while you all build a tighter core, looser hips and a stronger back just from sitting.

    The Berber tribes that make these floor pillows remember the ancient wisdoms of floor sitting, passed from generation to generation. It can take months to handmake a floor pillow. The case is made from 100% wool. The artisan would have collected extra-virgin and very soft wool from sheep native to the surrounding villages of the Middle Atlas to make the cover. She then washed her wool in the river with saponary plants before drying it under stars for a whole night to keep away the evil eye, in accordance with the ancestral Berber traditions.

      • Size: approx. 23.6 L x 23.6 l x 8.2 H in / 60 L x 60 l x 21 H cm
      • Square Boujad Floor Pillow 100% Moroccan sheep's wool
      • Square Boujad Floor Pillow Thickness approx 2 cm
      • Square Boujad Floor Pillow  Natural colour
      • Square Boujad Floor Pillow  Artisanal weaving in Morocco


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