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6 Things that will make you a fan of Moroccan Decor

22 Feb 2019
6 Things that will make you a fan of Moroccan Decor - Benisouk

Moroccan Décor is all about colours, texture, and patterns. This design style draws much of its inspiration from traditional Eastern Berber designs and from the shapes and colours of the rolling sands of the desert. Its intricate beauty is seductive and inspires colourful and stylish interior design.

Let’s talk about the six admirable and enviable things about ethnic Moroccan Décor.

Bright Zellige tiles

The most challenging puzzle game in the world for craftsmen is the Zellige tile. It plays an important part in Moroccan décor and they are often in either mosaic or ceramic formats. These brightly patterned tiles are used to frame doors and windows, as well as tabletops and on accent pieces such as mirrors, picture frames, and wall art.

Colourful tradition

Moroccan design incorporates bold colours, such as fuchsia, royal blue, deep purple and vibrant reds, with the soothing neutral colours of the desert. It is common to find walls with a neutral background with bold colours and designs on top. Colours have always had a notable position in the history of mankind, although their symbolism can dramatically vary between cultures.

Variety of Textures

Texture is important in Moroccan design. Rough stucco walls, smooth silken tapestries and rugs provide a few of the many textures found in Moroccan homes. Different textures are often incorporated into rugs through different knotting techniques and a variety of material use, particularly with the Boucherouite rug, whose name literally means “rag tips” and true to its’ name, is made from a variety of repurposed materials.

Vibrant textiles

Textiles, fabrics and cloths are typically ornately decorated in rich, bold colours and superbly designed, and are important in floor coverings, such as the woven kilim rugs. Western interior design has popularized these rugs for decorative home uses.

Marvelous furniture

Furniture in this North African country is a combination of delicately carved wooden furnishings and plush over-stuffed upholstered pieces.

  • Tables are frequently topped with inlaid tile designs or large brass or copper trays.
  • Rugged carved wooden chests and tables are common. The inlay is typically bone, at the same time other furniture often incorporate Mother of Pearl designs to achieve a stylist contrast.
  • Upholstered décor includes reclining couches usually draped with fabric and accented with colourful pillows.
  • As an accompaniment to chairs and sofas we use over-stuffed ottomans.

Furniture is the thing that gives the Moroccan atmosphere to your home. The thing that will make you feel different.

Praiseworthy accessories

Moroccan lamps reflect the Islamic and Asian influence on Moroccan culture and are often hung from the ceiling and commonly made of great metals. Other popular Moroccan styled accents include fantastic mirrors, often framed in metal or wooden with an Islamic design, serving vessels like teapots or cups, or decorative lamps.

How to make your home have an authentic Moroccan look?

Moroccan style gives any room - from the kitchen to the bedroom - a warm, lived-in, and welcoming ambiance. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this look. With a bolt of fabric, a can of paint, a stencil or two, and appropriate accent pieces, any room can be transformed into a Moroccan retreat. Its style displays the country’s culture through textile, texture and colours. Interior designers have long considered the robustness and adaptability of Moroccan style to be highly fashionable.

Get your Moroccan Decor

So in case you are looking for an amazing selection of Moroccan décor, such as carpets, poufs, pillows…etc, CLICK HERE to find many options in our website. Feel free to browse around and admire the stunning craftsmanship that goes into each accessory.

6 Things that will make you a fan of Moroccan Decor - Benisouk


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