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4 Best Tips to Cozy up Your Home for Winter

08 Dec 2021
4 Best Tips to Cozy up Your Home for Winter - Benisouk

Fall is here and cooler weather brings a fun need to cozy up your personal space. Because who wants to be cold in their home? We all want a reason to update a tired, bland room that needs some extra pizazz, don’t we? Luckily for you, we here at Benisouk can help. So, grab that book you have been dying to read, a mug of steaming hot chocolate, throw on your comfy slippers and read our fabulous list of the best ways to winterize your favorite space…with rugs, of course!

Texture Talent

First and foremost, have fun with materials and fabrics. Mixing different textures is fun and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Matchy-matchy is no longer a thing, thank goodness! Consider a neutral bedcover like gray or beige and then go crazy with whimsical, colorful cushions The pillows can be different sizes and shapes. Or switch it up and do the opposite- a colorful bedspread and neutral pillows. Don’t be afraid to be bold. Cushions serve a dual purpose; decoration as well as extra warmth and comfort. Even better, grab a cozy throw and put it on the end of your bed. Your toes will thank you! A blanket won’t break the bank and you can even buy a few and change them up every few days. How about a beautiful centerpiece rug will complete your cozy space? Choose thick pile, soft wool for the cooler months. Throw in a few colorful poufs and your space is now comfy and cozy. When spring and summer roll around, you can stuff your poufs with blankets if you are short of space. Be creative and innovative when it comes to your home. Traditional is no longer the norm so have fun and let loose!

History Happens

Moroccans know rugs, that is for sure. And Moroccan rugs historically served an essential role-they were often the only means for warming a home besides an open fire. Skilled female weavers would spend weeks creating these plush beauties, typically in their small, sparse kitchens on wooden handlooms. Little has changed over the years when it comes to authentic Moroccan carpets. Generations of weavers continue their meticulous handloomed creations today. The results, you will find, are utterly stunning. Nothing compares to a handcrafted Moroccan rug. Try as they might, people attempt to mass reproduce these gorgeous one-of-a-kind masterpieces and it just doesn’t work. At Benisouk, our goal is to keep the integrity of the proud female weaver intact.

Master of Mix It Up

What kind of rug would be best for the cooler seasons, you might ask? Picture a fabulously luxurious, Benisouk Beni Ourain one-of-a-kind carpet for your home and be inspired to change things up for the fall. Beni Ourain carpets are the perfect combination of sumptuous comfort and practicality. On the essential side, they will radiate warmth and comfort throughout a room while protecting your floor surface. The beauties are handmade for years of durability and high-traffic areas. On the design side, they will illuminate any space with their classic, sleek look. Beni Ourain’s have become a trendy hit on the global market in recent years as they instantly become the centerpiece of any room. It’s no wonder they have become instant bestsellers. Benisouk has every type of authentic Moroccan carpets for your sense of style and each piece is an original beauty. There is something for everyone and most certainly, something to light up your favorite room during the winter months.

Bold & Beautiful

If you are a fan of bright, hue-popping colors, consider layering a couple of Benisouk’s whimsical, playful carpets to really create a statement in your space. Think about changing your standard lighting to something softer which will compliment your gorgeous centerpieces; the rugs. Particularly in the fall and winter, there is nothing better than a comfortable, cozy space and soft lighting. Instantly, your space is transformed and the room is welcoming and glowing. If your style is modern or classic, perhaps opt for some neutral pillows and/or Moroccan poufs and maybe contemplate purchasing a stunning Benisouk Moroccan Berber kilim rug. These exquisite flatweave creations radiate ageless charm. And if you are the adventurous type, think about layering rugs. To accent a gorgeous area rug and to add depth to your room, place the rug over a larger carpet that is similar in color to your flooring. Or try rugs in neutral shades that have different textures but still compliment each other. Don’t worry, the options are endless for fun rug experimenting!

And Don’t Forget…

The perfect seasonal rug can set the tone for any space. A stylish carpet (or two!) can be the missing link that ties all of your furniture into a sleek, integrated look that will become an instant conversation starter. Or if your personal style is more eclectic, then go for pops of color, diverse patterns and shapes and a broad range of textiles and textures. And who knows, maybe you will be hooked and eager for the spring & summer to switch up your rugs once more!

4 Best Tips to Cozy up Your Home for Winter - Benisouk


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