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3 Must have Moroccan home decors to add vintage vibe to your home

21 Feb 2019
3 Must have Moroccan home decors to add vintage vibe to your home - Benisouk

If you’re looking for new home decors to spice up the look of your house, you should really consider exploring the exotic elegance of Moroccan décor. Filled with vibrant colours, and beautiful eye-catching patterns, this decor style has become very popular among the interior design community.

Morocco is the gateway from Europe to Africa and Moroccan decor is inspired from both the north-western and the southern cultures. The combination of these cultures over the centuries has fused together to give Morocco its rich culture and is what makes Moroccan décor unique and special alongside the vintage pedigree that comes with long established traditions.

Here are 3 must have Moroccan home decors to help you add that vintage touch to your home

Vintage Moroccan rug

Moroccan vintage rugs are known for their exquisite artistry and the uniqueness of each and every rug. A rug’s designs, colours and material depend on the region where it’s made. The region and tribe that makes the rug explains the diversity and uniqueness of it, for example, the Azilal rug has different colours and patterns compared to the Beni Ouiran rug.

Each Moroccan rug tells the story of a Moroccan tribe in different eras of time and gives you a pictorial and creative glimpse of their past life.

Moroccan poufs and ottomans

Poufs , also referred to as ottomans are great décor elements to add to a living room, whenever you need extra seating or more softness. Moroccan poufs are so versatile in their use; they can serve as footrests, seats or tables too. And much like the vibrant rugs and other textiles that come out of Morocco, Moroccan poufs add an exotic touch to your décor.

Poufs can be made from different fabrics. However, the best ones are made from genuine leather. Although not all are handmade, the handmade versions are original and no two can be alike.

Moroccan pillows

Decorating with throw pillows is very popular in interior décor. And Morrocan pillows are a great choice to turn your dull and tired interior into a vibrant and energetic one.

Moroccan pillows are highly comfy and beautiful. The vibrant colours add limelight by using the vibrant shades of blue, green, red, orange and gold. Set them with your simple furniture and enhance the beauty at every corner.

They come in different sizes and shapes, and are very versatile; you can throw them on the bed, on your living room couch, and it instantly changes the feel to the room.


So if you’re feeling inspired, and you’re looking for online shops to buy some Moroccan home decors; head out to our website BENISOUK, where you can find a large selection of beautiful Moroccan-made home decors.

3 Must have Moroccan home decors to add vintage vibe to your home - Benisouk


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