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The Moroccan style Guide you need to decorate your Home

27 Feb 2019
The Moroccan style Guide you need to decorate your Home - Benisouk

Rich in Colours and filled with intricate eye-catching patterns, the Moroccan style has become a popular phenomenon among the Interior design community. It is a blend of a wide range of cultural and religious influences. The North African Country has two costal borders; The Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea to the west and east. It also, borders Spain and The Western Sahara to the North and South. Characterized by the Berber, Arabian and European influences, Moroccan decor reflects this cultural diversity and magical history.

The traditional Moroccan style is sometimes confused with the bohemian style, due to the similarity in bursting colours and eye-catching designs. While the bohemian style revolves around breaking free from convention, conversely the Moroccan design stays true to the Moroccan culture. We think this allows Moroccan styled homes looking more elegant than quirky.

5 easy steps to incorporate Moroccan style to your home Decor

1) Choose different colours, patterns and textures

You can’t but notice nature’s influence on Moroccan interior decor. Either in the beautiful colours or the vivid patterns and textures this influences gives Moroccan homes a duality of the striking and colourful with the subtle and subdued.

Layering is a very popular technique in Moroccan decor. To attain that heartening and welcoming vibe of a Moroccan home, layer different colours, patterns and textures. You can also mix and max your furnishings.

Inspired by surrounding landscapes, Colour has always been a high point in the Moroccan style. From the deep blues and greens of the ocean to the rich and saturated hues of the desert, the designs often incorporate these colours. To achieve this look, decorate with a combination of reds, blues golds and purples to capture the attention of the eye. Its preferable to set these colours against neutral backgrounds, allowing the space to look elegant and to create contrast.

Both outstanding and intricate, patterns are used with colour to add visual enthusiasm. A variety of intriguing shapes can be seen in Moroccan styles, often reflecting the architecture. The combination of these patterns with warm Moroccan colours infuses the space with life and energy.

Lastly, add different textures to complete your Moroccan-inspired home design. Texture combination is also an important element of this style. Either with drapes and canopies that are often used to soften a room, or with iron and silver metal lanterns to get ambient mood lighting.

2) Shop for Alluring Furniture with intricate Patterns

Moroccan Style decor is busy with colour and patterns. For this reason, furniture is kept simple to create contrast and to prevent the space from looking crowded.

When shopping for Moroccan furniture, look for sofas and low tables that are close to the ground which are simple in design but expressive in detail. This gives the space a calm, comfortable and inviting vibe to it. Carved wood and plush upholstered pieces are staples of Moroccan interiors, with other furnishings relying on iron scroll work, inlays, ornate carvings and richly-hued fabrics.

Moroccan style doesn’t have to particularly traditional; it can also be Modern and chic. You can easily create a modern Moroccan look by adding Moroccan decor to your contemporary furniture. For example, pillows, lamps, rugs, and accent furniture, filled with Moroccan patterns and motifs. A very exotic and irresistible pairing!

3) Add Harmony to your space with Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs have always been a fundamental element of the Moroccan style decor for generations. These rugs reflect a big part of Morocco’s culture and traditions. They are traditionally designed for different uses including floor coverings, mattresses, seating and blankets.

The Moroccan rug has become more and more popular around the world, as interior designers and travellers both lean for bold palettes. As it increases in demand, Moroccan styled rugs have become common elements in any design style.

4) Enhancing Space with Moroccan Decor

When choosing Moroccan accessories and decorating your home, focus on these steps:

  • Use colourful fabrics with different textures and designs. For an eye-catching look, drape luxurious fabrics from furniture, window frames, doorways and even the ceiling, tying the fabric in thick cords to keep them out of the way. For a simpler look, focus on throw pillows and blankets.
  • Choose the right Lamp. Focus on the base and lamp shade style or pattern. Look for intricate designs and details.
  • Add a mirror. They enhance the ambiance of a Moroccan interior by subtly reflecting lights and adding adornment to the walls. Look for mirrors with decorative wrought iron work, deeply carved wood, dome-shaped frames and metal or jewel embellishments.

5) Complete your Moroccan styled Space with these finishing Touches

Moroccan style is all about the attention to detail. Add comfy poufs to your living room, Moroccan-inspired comforters to your bedroom!

Nature has a big influence on the Moroccan design, so adding some greenery to your home will always add a perfect finish. Get exotic houseplants with large leaves that provide plenty of shade, like banana trees, large plants and fig trees. Not only will they brighten your space with Moroccan flair, but they also purify the air! Then, add potted cacti and succulents around your home to add year-round interest and texture. Finally, make sure to include roses.

Buy Moroccan style decor

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The Moroccan style Guide you need to decorate your Home - Benisouk


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