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What to know about Moroccan leather pouf

29 Mar 2019
What to know about Moroccan leather pouf - Benisouk

Over millennia, Morocco has hosted many civilizations, religions and cultures. During this time, it has fused cultural aspects from all these civilisations – Berbers, Arabs, Romans, Spanish, African - as well as more distant ones it traded with to create its vibrant, rich, varied and inspiration North African culture. Moroccan leather poufs are a continuation of this trend, and are sometimes known as Moroccan ottomans, in reference to the better-known Turkish version.

Whenever we think about Moroccan leather poufs, leather and colours are the things that come to our mind. According to the definition, a “Pouf is a big cushion which is used as a footstool or a low seat”. In the modern era poufs are the seats made up of beads to provide comfort.

Moroccan pouf as Moroccan decor

Moroccan poufs have proved popular as a funky, plush seating idea. They are eclectic, practical and statement-making and seem to be appearing everywhere right now.

Moroccan poufs have the advantage that they look great when placed in any décor style, matching or mismatched. They look great alongside other Moroccan Décor, like rugs, furniture and floor pillows. The trendiest handmade decor recently is the Moroccan leather, hand stitched pouf. It combines vintage with elegance to create a fabulous atmosphere in any room and raise the mood. Leather poufs can be used in several ways – to find out more CLICK HERE

How are Moroccan poufs made?

Moroccan poufs are handmade for Marrakesh Gardens by craftsmen in Morocco. Tanneries cure animal hides with the help of centuries-old natural and traditional methods and raw ingredients. The dark chocolate finish with the natural tan makes them look and feel incredible. There are some steps in making a Moroccan pouf such as preparing the leather, then colouring it and stitching the pouf with sabra silk. To find out more, Click here.

How should you take care of a leather pouf?

Leather is resistant to stains. Spots and spills can be easily removed with the help of a slightly damp or clean dry cloth. You should never use polishes, soaps and other cleaning products to clean them; just use a little water and a clean cloth. The leather is natural, some imperfections and flaws are expected and are what makes each piece unique. We don’t use chemical while sealing the dye in the leather, the strong smell of leather is natural - but you can fade this smell by airing the poufs for a while.

Where to buy a Moroccan leather pouf

Do you want to add some leather poufs to your home decor? just check out our website and shop our Collection of beautiful authentic Moroccan leather Poufs Click here.

What to know about Moroccan leather pouf - Benisouk


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