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Transform your interior with Moroccan Decor

13 Mar 2019
Transform your interior with Moroccan Decor - Benisouk

When it comes to decorating our homes, we always want to give it a unique and distinctive style. We want it to feel like home, to be intimate and cozy. That’s why I recommend bringing some elements of graceful and exotic Moroccan design into your home.You can experience Moroccan culture and enjoy all the sensations by adding colourful fabrics and decorations, Moroccan lanterns, furniture and Moroccan tiles.

In this post we will be suggesting some elements of Moroccan decor to reinvent your interior with added spices from the beautiful and exciting Moroccan Culture.

Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan Lanterns are probably one of the most distinguishable elements of the Moroccan style, usually found in every Moroccan home. Moroccan lanterns bring an exotic ambience to any space. Moroccan lighting can be made traditional and classical or it can be made contemporary to compliment new styles. So whatever your home style is, be sure you’ll find the lantern to match.

Traditional Moroccan lanterns give your home a more laid back and old school vibe. Meanwhile, the more contemporary styled lanterns uplift the atmosphere of your home and make it more luxurious. Moroccan lantern suppliers offer a wide range of lanterns; From brightly coloured lamps to glass reflecting lamps, they are sure to spread light across the room.

Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs have been a staple piece of Moroccan decor for centuries. Most often handwoven by the women of the Berber tribes. Moroccan rugs have a unique distinctive style that will surely be noticed when placed in a room. There are many types and designs of Moroccan rugs. Beni Ourain rugs are famous for their extremely soft woollen feel and simplicity of design, if you’re into more of a distinct type of rug, then there are Azilal and Kilim rugs, with bright colours and various intricate symbols and patterns.

Moroccan poufs & Ottomans

Moroccan poufs are popular elements of the Moroccan style. With their southern, Saharan vibes, adding a couple leather poufs or ottomans to a space can easily give it a more comfortable and inviting ambience. Regardless where you place Moroccan poufs, they will compliment the area. For example, you can create a little seating area in an empty corner or add one or two to your living room for extra seats.

Moroccan tiles

To really be in Moroccan theme, you have to have tiles!! The signature Moroccan look is made up with intricate geometric patterns and bright jewel-toned colours. You can incorporate Moroccan tiles to your living room to create beautiful wall art.
Moroccan tiles can also be added to your kitchen as a backsplash or even floor tiling, adding a vibrant pop of colour.

To conclude, incorporating Moroccan style into your interior allows you to experiment with colours, fabrics and different furniture. Moroccan style adds uniqueness and singularity to your home décor.

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Transform your interior with Moroccan Decor - Benisouk


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