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How to make a girly Moroccan bedroom

02 Apr 2019
How to make a girly Moroccan bedroom - Benisouk

Bedrooms are a sanctuary to rest and recuperate. Traditionally for sleeping, as children grow older they also become places to play, work or to host friends. The bedroom becomes a personal space within the family home. Instinctively, we make a smaller version of Daddy’s office for our children, complete with high bed, desk and chair. However, why not show our children there are different ways to do things – like how to decorate our bedrooms. Today, we will show you how we can transform a little girl’s bedroom into a Moroccan Mecca.

Today we are going to share some tips and ideas to decorate a girl’s room. We are going to use colourful Moroccan décor to make her room fun and full of love and quirkiness to reflect her dynamic personality.

Make it happy

Colourful palettes and cute patterns on the walls can lift the aura of a room and make it a more uplifting, happy place. A colourful rug on the floor that can make the décor multisensory, looking both positive and joyful, while feeling soft and reassuring. The rug is the personality of the room and colourful Moroccan rugs deliver this in abundance. Moroccan carpets can have palettes of lime green, sunny yellow, and fuchsia pink to bring cheerful touches of almost tropical sunshine like intensity to the heart of the room.

Moroccan pillows

Moroccan pillows are a great for providing soft cuddly comfort. They can be heaped on the bed when not in use to a splash of colours and patterns to a made bed. The texture of the 100% natural wool of the pillows will provide a multisensory feel that looks great and feels reassuring.

We all know that kids love colourful rooms, filled with life and sunshine, but that they also active and like to move about. Moroccan floor pillows can be sat on or laid upon. They are hard enough to rest a book on, either to read or to act as a writing table. They are easy to move, store and wash and offer a unique environment that will be the envy of visitors.

How to make a girls Moroccan Mecca

Moroccan Poufs

Moroccan poufs have become an incredibly popular form of soft furniture. It is like a floor pillow but much taller and firmer, so it can be used as a table or stool. Some have hollow insides to allow for storage and are made from high quality leather so they can be used indoors and outdoors. They are easily portable and can be easily moved around or even taken into the garden.

How to make a girls Moroccan Mecca

Rainbow blankets

Add more than just a dash of colour to your room decor with the colourful Moroccan blankets! These are long lasting and will grow with any child and provide a warm comfort blanket to cuddle and cherish and to pass on to the next generation afterwards.

You can accessorize your room to give prominence to the entire design. A Moroccan rug will make an excellent floor covering to keep bare feet warm and comfortable. You can add some Moroccan floor pillows with a low table or some Moroccan Poufs as an alternative. They can be made in all colours, so even if you cannot find the right colour you can ask for one to be made in that colour.


If you are looking for a real Moroccan Décor with a wonderful story behind it, visit our website click here; you’ll find a beautiful range of Moroccan decor.

How to make a girly Moroccan bedroom - Benisouk


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