Beni Ourain Rug

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Beni Ourain Rug

Beni Ourain rug are one of the many treasure of the Atlas mountains. This Moroccan rug is handmade, so each is different and unique. The Moroocan Beni Ourain rug is hand-knotted from un-dyed natural 100% authentic whool, and often decorated with geometric symbols inspired from the traditional Berber culture of the Atlas Tribes.
These antique rugs have been handwoven by the native women of the High Atlas for ages. Its a heritage passed from generation to another. The high quality of the whool used to make these Moroccan rugs gives a softand indulging feel to it.
Beni Ourain carpets compliment any home style decor, due to its versitality and design simplicity.

Wondering where to buy a Beni Ourain rug?

Our Benisouk shop is the best place to buy a Beni Ourain rug. We offer a wide range choices from plain to patterned rugs in different colors.Also, they are available in different sizes such as (5×8), (8×10) (9×12)… Besides, our rugs are 100% authentic, and are handmade by local Moroccan artisans.
We have a wide selection and types of Genuine Beni Ouarain rug made entirely by hand and 100% Moroccan Atlas wool. 

Work of art woven by the best Moroccan Craftswomen Artists.

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