Moroccan Leather Pouf

Moroccan Leather Pouf and ottoman

The most trendy handmade decor recently is the moroccan leather pouf. Because it adds a vintage and fabulous atmosphere to any room. Therefore it makes a change in your home’s ambience. Moroccan leather poufs are the best decoration you can use to change your home decor from a basic decor to true Moroccan decor. Accordingly it can be used in several ways.

You can use the pouf in different ways

BED TIP: Unique and original! Try adding two Moroccan footstools to the foot of your bed.

SEATS: Place a few footstools around the room or under the coffee table, ready to be removed for guests.

STORAGE SPACE: Ideal for storing your items via the zipper at the bottom of the footstool.

FOOTREST: Place the pouf just in front of the sofa, and start a new episode of your favorite series.

SEATS FOR DOMESTIC ANIMALS: The ideal place for your little cats.

DECORATION: Add a touch of culture and tradition to any room.

How The Moroccan pouf is made

Also, The traditional Berber weaving techniques and the quality of the leather allow our precious Moroccan poufs to resist the years and beautify itself with time. Moreover, this pouf has gone through several stages to ensure unparalleled Authenticity:

1) Salting of the raw leather to dehydrate it and clean it from germs (4 weeks).

2) Sorting the skins according to their homogeneity and keeping only the best quality.

3) Rehydrate the skin and desalinate it to avoid fiber degradation.

4) Preparation for tanning to make the skin more receptive to future treatments.

5) Tanning with natural oil to increase the suppleness and durability of the leather.

6) Leather dyeing based on natural and vegetable pigments for a beautiful and long-lasting color.

7) Drying of the leather to obtain a homogeneity and the last color of the leather.

Craftswomen make the poufs by hand using scissors, threads, and needles.
Also, The natural variations of colors and wrinkles of the leather make all the beauty of this piece of artisanal art.

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