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3 Moroccan organic Decors that will make your interior extremely amazing

25 Feb 2019
3 Moroccan organic Decors that will make your interior extremely amazing - Benisouk

Believe it or not, the new year is here and it’s an opportunity to embrace what’s new and good. For decor lovers looking for tips on decorating we went straight to the source and talked to some of our favourite designers about the organic Moroccan decor trends that are IN and OUT this year.

Let’s know their picks for the biggest incoming interior design trends, as well as some tips on how to incorporate these looks in your own home, by the end of this post, you should feel ready to tackle the coming year in Moroccan style.


Nowadays decor is as much of a value statement as a fashionable or artistic accessory. One of the wonderful traits of Moroccan culture is their pragmatic resourcefulness and being able to recycle an item for another purpose to avoid waste. This has always meant that Moroccans have a deep respect for the environment around them and they look to use their surrounding natural resources in a sustainable and organic way. Authentic Moroccan Décor combines the ambition to craft creative, comfortable and fashionable décor with respect for nature and the beautiful miracle it performs to provide for our needs and wants.

3 Moroccan handmade organic décors

Magical Moroccan rugs

Famous interior designers like Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier Wright and Frank Lloyd have a fondness for rural, natural Moroccan carpets to bring life to rigid insides. They are known for going to extreme lengths to find the creators of these fabric jewels to commission work, and one of their emissary’s, Madeline Weinrib, once said “They even have one at the Falling water”, in reference to Kilim rugs being made in a very remote village. Kilim rugs are intricately patterned and tightly woven woollen rugs with a high pile which are particularly popular amongst many interior designers.

This popularity has seen demand for authentic Moroccan rugs grow as unique and eco friendly décor. The most prized antique Moroccan rug have been sold for amounts breaking into 6 digits. This, of course, has led to a roaring trade in copycat rugs. Murat Kupcu, a traditional rug expert from the Double Knot, has a term of carefulness: “With the admiration and apparently infinite source of Moroccan rugs nowadays, it is sign if I can’t differentiate amongst the true, made for home Berber carpets and those prepared for the marketplace, or for trade.”

Handsome handwoven cotton blankets

Moroccan blankets have been trendy for a very long time and they have reached homes in every corner of the world. Plaid designs have become particularly popular lately, and we think black, red, green and blue are highly recommended.

Moroccan Wedding Blankets, called Handira in the Berber tradition, have also become increasingly popular. They are traditionally worn by the bride over their shoulders as garment, but they have also become popular as bedspreads, throws and decorative hangings. Their romantic history is not the only thing that makes them highly desirable. The incredible texture of the handwoven cloth, with patterns of thick fringe and a bit of sparkle from mirrored sequins, can make everything better from floors to furniture.

Pretty handmade leather poufs

Moroccans consider leather as a high class and fine quality material. While synthetic materials replaced leather for a while, we think this year the handmade leather pouf will make a comeback into the Moroccan organic décor scene. These are common in many Moroccan homes, but are less commonplace outside of Morocco and it is this rarity that adds to the refreshing, classy and independent feel they give to an interior.

We have mentioned 3 decors that can make your interior design better.

  • Moroccan rugs
  • Hand woven cotton blankets
  • Handmade leather poufs

By following these interior design trends you can surely make an interior look good . These little things complete the look of your house. If your aim is to be classy and different, then you should surely follow look into Moroccan Décor.

Where to buy Moroccan decoration today

If you are looking for an amazing selection of Moroccan organic decor, you will absolutely sure to find the suitable ones for your own space by clicking here. Feel free to browse around and admire the stunning craftsmanship that goes into each accessory.

3 Moroccan organic Decors that will make your interior extremely amazing - Benisouk


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