Moroccan wedding blanket

Moroccan wedding blanket

Moroccan Wedding Blanket or Handira blanket, is traditionally used by Berber brides on their wedding day, and has become an object of desire in the world of interior design.

Welcome to the "Moroccan style"!

Hand woven and embroidered with natural wool, the handira blanket, with its sequins, silver fringes and hundreds of pearls, has conquered the interiors of half the world.

What is a Moroccan Wedding Blanket?

The Moroccan Wedding Blanket or handira is a blanket that is worn by the bride, tied to her neck like a cape, on her wedding day.

These Moroccan wedding blankets are woven in sheep's wool, cotton and linen by Berber women of the Beni Ourain tribe of Morocco, as a wedding gift.

Weeks before the wedding, the wives of the bride's family sew the blanket, while revealing all the secrets of the wedding to the bride.

Between confessions and advice, they sew by hand thousands of mirrors and sequins that will attract the happiness and fertility of the bride.

It can take several days or even weeks of work to join these hundreds of flakes once the fabric is finished.

For Berbers, as for many ethnic groups in Africa, visual objects and motifs have multiple meanings and purposes.

It is believed that the hand weaving process gives the textile baraka (blessings).

Once finished, the Handira blanket not only serves as an ornament for the bride on her wedding day, but also to protect herself from evil and give fertility and opportunity to the newlyweds.

Not so long ago, these beautiful and highly sought-after blankets were unknown outside Morocco.

They are woven from wool, cotton and linen, and most are not dyed, so neutral colours predominate, perfect for decorating minimalist pieces and painted white as in Nordic decoration.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket can be used in different ways

Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Wedding blanket is perfect to decorate the rooms by wearing the bed, sofa or wall.

Handiras are widely used as a decorative element on the bed, bringing a boho and exclusive touch, they are a jewel to keep for life.

Moroccan Wedding Pillow

With their fringes, metallic details and textures, handiras have become essential cushion covers.

Moroccan Wedding floor Pillow

Moroccan Wedding floor cushions, with their embroidered and textured designs, have the ability to add charm and personality to the decoration of any home.

Moroccan wedding rug and headboard

They are also used as headboards suspended from the wall, as decorative carpets, covering sofas or even as rugs, for a unique result!

The Handiras, thanks to their texture and great beauty, have conquered the world.

Handiras are unique products of great beauty and quality. This is why they are highly sought after by decoration lovers because they bring an ethnic touch to elegant spaces.

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