3 Tips to help you for buying a magical moroccan rug

3 Tips to help you for buying a magical moroccan rug

Morocco, is well known for the exquisite rug industry. It is the best place to buy a rug from, hence they are handmade by very talented a craft-knowing artisans. Moroccan rug is beautifull, unique and enchanting.
While there are many rug styles around the world, you wont find as special and magical as the Moroccan carpet.

In the Moroccan decor, wich is very trendy this season, Rugs are a focal featured accessory in it. It doesn’t only enhance the look of the space but it also ads warmth and comfort to it.

You can perchase a Moroccan rug from offline stores or online,like many people do. But to buy the perfect Moroccan rug that will make your home magical, it is essential to consider a few key points beforehand.

Therefore, i will be showing you 3 simple yet important tips to help you buy a Moroccan rug

Rug Measurment

Before you buy a Moroccan rug, it is essential to have an idea on the rugs dimensions. Defining the measurments, will help you avoid other peoples mistake of buying a rug that’s not apt to the area where they plan to place it. 
So first of all, you need to know the area available in the room. Then, measure the space where you wanna place the rug.
Doing this task, you’ll be knowing the measurments of the rug you’re looking for. Accordingly, you’ll be choosing the appropriate rug that suits best your requirement. It will save you the hastle and the expenses of returning the rug.

The Budget to buy a Moroccan Rug

Another important aspect to consider before selecting your rug is The Budget! Before going ahead and buying a Moroccan rug, you need to establish a budget that will suit both your aesthetic requirement and financial capacities. You can do some research on the online stores, to get an idea on the price range, and see what is convenient for you.
Then, according to your search result establish a budget to purchase a rug. And be carefull not to outpace the limit you set to avoid overspending.

Design and material

Significantly, it is fundamental to next search for the designs and styles available in the market. Do not check only offline stores but also online stores for intell and inspiration. This tip, will let you compare store prices, to see who is selling cheaper rugs. You’re gonna also be able to see the different material used in the production.

Bonus Tips to buy a Moroccan Rug:

  • Kow what you want: So some research on the designs and colors you like and appreciate
  • Avoid synthetic materials: Authentic Moroccan rugs are rarely made with synthetic material, so be aware. To recognize synthetic material in arug, just get a cigarette lighter and burn a small 
    corner of the rug and if it burns and gives off an unpleasant odour, it is made of synthetic materials. Pure wool fibres do not burn.
  • Look for Symbols: Each symbol and pattern on the Moroccan rug has a special meaning. It could be a wish for fertility, a marriage or birth celebration. So when you’re buying a Moroccan rug, you’re taking a piece of peoples life story with you.

Collecting all this information, will allow you to define the quality and compatibility of the rug to your requirements.It will help make the decision of buying to rug or removing it from the List. These are a few points you need to assess in the rug buying process.

Buy a Moroccan rug

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