Vintage Moroccan Rugs

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Vintage Moroccan rugs

With the rising of the vintage bohemian trend, the demand for Vintage Moroccan rugs has increased remarkably. Because of the unique elements of design on these rugs, and the diversity in each and every one. Moroccan Vintage rugs are well characterized by abstract, non-repeating patterns of tribal symbols and color.

Our Moroccan vintage rugs have all been handcrafted by the women of the different tribes of Moroccan ( Beni Ourain, Azilal..) for personal use. Incorporating elements of their lifestyle and telling their stories through the rug designs. These women passed the heritage of rug-weaving from one generation to another.

Also, The making of a single rug may have taken several months or even years to achieve. That depending on the type knot used, how intricate the design is and how much time the weaver had dedicated to the making.
Vintage rugs are truly unique forms of art; The reason why they are highly desired by collectors and those who have a passion for any art.

Vintage rugs complement contemporary spaces as well as it complements a more traditional classic space.

Wondering where to buy a Moroccan Rug?

Our Benisouk shop is the best place to buy Vintage rugs. We offer a wide range of beautifully colorful and patterned rugs that can match any type of home style. Also, they are available in different sizes; such as 2×3 3×5 4×6 5×7 8×10 10×14… Besides, our rugs are 100% authentic and are handmade by local Moroccan artisans.

Shipping Worldwide:

We offer Worldwide shipping, So if you want to buy vintage rugs from Australia (AU), United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA) and more… Do not worry we got you!!! Your order will be delivered to you in 1-4 Days.

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We have a wide selection and types of Genuine Moroccan Rugs made entirely by hand and 100% Moroccan Atlas wool.
“Work of art woven by the best Moroccan Craftswomen Artists.”