Beni Mguild Rug

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Beni Mguild Rug

Beni Mguild rug is a unique carpet whose design and colour remain unpredictable. The geometric shapes have such a quantity of variations and the natural colours and shades are of such depth that our heart has been won over.

Woven with virgin and soft wool by the women of the tribes, these magnificent Berber rugs generally combine the techniques of knotting and hand weaving.

The Benisouk team was quickly attracted by this type of Berber rug whose quality and density of sheep's wool are indisputable. Whether it is the Beni Ourain with its cream-coloured background enhanced by dark minimalist lines, or the Beni Mguild rug in singular colours, its perfection and softness have seduced us.

The M'Guild Rug - a unique Rug

The design of Beni M'Guild rug is characterized by bold patterns and simple, informal and sometimes irregular geometric patterns that run through the Berber rug against a background of shades of purple, orange, red, pink, green and magenta, and sometimes even indigo.

No Beni mguild carpet is the same. Each Berber woman made the rug with her own look, sensitivity and history. The abstract composition reveals aspects of the life of these Berber families and tribes.

This ancient Moroccan rug are often exposed to the sun by weavers to age them and especially to fade the color. The purpose of this process is to obtain a different colour rendering, by providing a relief effect through gradient shades and more pastel shades.

Beni Mguild Moroccan rug, used in monochrome interiors, with their geometric patterns and confusing colours, often result in a modern aesthetic and offer a surprising touch of colour.

Combine modernity and authenticity with a Beni MGuild Berber rug !

Beni M'guild rugs are intimidating at first. They are coloured. Very colorful. Even if you have a preference for a rather neutral or contemporary decoration, they will perfectly match it. A Beni M'Guild carpet surrounded by neutral furniture will bring balance to your interior. Your space will become more joyful.

Their softness alone is enough to make any room in your home more comfortable. Beni MGuild will add a lot of personality and texture to your space whether it is traditional, bohemian or modern minimalist.

For the hottest months of the year, turn it over. Yes, just like the Beni Ourain, Beni MGuild rugs are in most cases reversible. Due to the unique way they are designed, the underside of a Beni MGuild gives another feeling but will always show its amazing color and details.