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The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

01 Aug 2020
The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs - Benisouk

Yes, a Moroccan Rug will look great in your living room. It will look cosy in your bedroom. And you can even put it onto your wall for a contemporary alternative painting. But…why stop there? A contemporary Moroccan Rug will look great in any room and can have great practical benefits.

Beni Ourain in the Bathroom

The Other Places you can put Moroccan RugsYes, it might seem crazy to put a rug somewhere it is likely to get wet – but it will do a fantastic job of brushing your feet after your warm bath and will provide a non-split surface. It is a trendy alternative to putting towels on the floor. We recommend you choose a smaller rug that is easy to move so it can be dried.

Boucherouite on the landing

The Other Places you can put Moroccan RugsMoroccan Rugs make perfect coverings to soften hard concrete or wooden floors and stairs. It’s common to have runners in hallways to encourage guests to take off their shoes so they feel at home, with a warm, soft rug under their feet. The same is true for stairs, there is nothing more welcoming than climbing the stairs to feel the soft rug at the top massaging your feet. It also provides a non-slip surface at the head of the stars, so you are unlikely to slip (like you might on a polished floor) – something you really don’t want to do when there are stairs ahead of you! It will also stop anything zooming off the end of the stairs to the abyss below.

A Boujad Rug for the Stairs

So we have already had a Moroccan Rug on the landing at the top of the stairs – well you can also have a long runner going down the stairs. You will need to affix some rods in the corner of each with the rug running under to keep the rug in place.

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

Azilal in the Dining Room

A dining room is where we gather to eat, talk and share their thoughts. You can bring colour and warmth to the dining room by adding a Moroccan Rug. If you have one that runs under the table, the soft fibres will massage and comfort your feet as you sit to the table. If you drop food on the rug it can be easily sucked up with a vacuum cleaner. You can find a really good article on how to vacuum rugs here.

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

Beni M’Guild in the Office

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

If you’re working from home you might have your own office, and I suspect if your working from home you won’t be wearing shoes! Put a Moroccan Rug under the desk so you can have a comfortable surface for your feet to rest on. Alternatively, you can use it in a meeting room with a glass table, so that when your colleagues meet they will have a contemporary, refreshing look to the office with a beautiful Moroccan Rug on display underneath.

Boujad in the Garden

We all know about the picnic blanket – well why not use a Moroccan Rug instead? Or if you have a concreted over garden you can use Moroccan Rugs to break up the concrete to provide a soft floor – a colourful alternative to grass that is really nice for kids to play on. You can overlay a load of rugs to create a crazy paving effect so you can reuse the rugs in other parts of the house for when you want to have a garden party. This can work really well on rooftops as well.

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

You can also add Moroccan Poufs or Floor Cushions to create an exotic atmosphere to the place as well.

A Contemporary Rug for the kitchen

A contemporary Moroccan rug will look great in a kitchen and also have the benefit of being able to soak up any spills and avoid a polished floor becoming slippery. You may want to keep a smaller rug just in front of the sink or you might want a larger rug for the whole floor, either is a great way to break up the monotony of the floor and provide a soft warm feel to your feet underneath.

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

A Moroccan M'rirt rug for the outhouse

Moroccan Rug are great for bringing warmth and comfort to your outhouse. Whether it is the “mancave shed” or the logcabin, any outhouse will look great with a rug centre stage.

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs

Where to buy my Moroccan Rug?

Benisouk is a great place to buy Authentic, high quality Moroccan Rugs from. They source directly from the artisan creators, and sometimes that means travelling by mule to their remote settlements. Benisouk works with rural Berber communities to give them a way to access the manufactured goods of the cities (money is only useful if you can spend it...) to make nomadic life easier and more comfortable. Benisouk has a wide collection of Moroccan Rugs from many of the tribes and it is worth looking at even if you are just researching your next rug. Check it out here.

The Other Places you can put Moroccan Rugs - Benisouk


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