Tuareg Mat

Tuareg Mat

The Tuareg Mat is the lesser known sibling of the tribal Moroccan Rugs found along the Rug Road running through the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The Rug road starts all the way in the Saharan, home to the nomadic camel train drivers who were the original traders of these Berber rugs.

Little known is that the Saharan Berber tribes also produce rugs, but perhaps it is due to their extremely limited supply they rarely get a mention. In the same way Azilal, Beni Ourain and the other mountain tribe rugs are named after the place or tribe of origin, the Tuareg mat is named after a large ethnic confederation inhabiting the Sahara, stretching from far southwestern Libya to Southern Algeria, Mauritania, Niger, Morocco, Mali and Burkina Faso. In the Sahara, borders have little meaning.

Tuareg mats are handwoven from reed with a leather trim. They are decorated with intricate woven goat and camel leather strands and are incredibly durable, a must for the harsh desert climate. These mats are made to last a lifetime, providing comfort from the harsh desert and fulfilling a range of roles – floor mats, bedding, partitions being just a few.

Benisouk, true to it’s expansive Berber heritage, offers a selection of mountain rugs and now desert rugs, stylish for every home while giving the makers a way to earn money to access the manufactured goods from the city which make life much easier.