Boujad rug

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The composition of Boujad rug, rich in creativity, is eye-catching. The vitality and spontaneity of the composition of these rather extravagant pieces of art prove that they are exclusively for personal use.

The basic motifs of the Boujad carpet are for the most part typical Berber symbols, often distorted to the point of sometimes even obtaining a totally abstract drawing. The audacity and creativity of the women of Boujad region allow them to create in complete liberty by incredibly combining many shapes, colours and materials. The vibrant and colourful nature of these Berber rugs can remind us of a kind of mystical meditation.

In addition to religious influences, the design of the Boujad moroccan rug is distinguished by a very modern artistic approach. In addition to the association of natural or chemical colours, the colorimetric arrangements found in Boujad carpet reveal a kind of absolute chaotic order.

Although it may be close to the Boucharouette carpet due to the use of all kinds of recycled materials and textiles, we find Boujad carpets of mixed manufacture, created from cotton and wool or wool on wool with a Boucharouette weft.

Boujad rug composition

In addition to wool, stripes from cut clothing and synthetic fibres are used to make Boujaad rug. This habit of reusing materials dates back to the 1930s, when sheep herds were considerably reduced in favour of agriculture. Wool that was already dry was becoming rare. Although different materials cannot be combined equally, their use has opened new avenues of expression for Berber women and Moroccan tribes who do not have access to a beautiful wool, consciously or unconsciously leading to a variation in the thickness of the Boujad rug, thus adding a new dimension to this magnificent Moroccan rug

The audacious choices of the palette of colours, the use of very diverse materials and the appearance of shapes, make these Moroccan Rug, kind of "table mats", very expressive pieces witnessing the Berber and primitive art of Eastern Morocco and especially the Boujad region.

A true spontaneous work of art, Boujad rug is endowed with imperfections giving an extraordinary artistic effect. Often the Berber woman is not aware that she is making a real work of art, she weaves without any particular rule and creates the carpet with her own sensitivity, without restraint.

Where to buy Boujad Rug

Benisouk offers authentic Boujad rugs in different colours, you will find in our shop pink, purple, red, peach Boujad rug combined with rich and complex geometric patterns or more abstract designs, an artistic delight for the eyes.

This authentic Berber rug will warm up your atmosphere and bring life to your home that may not yet have had any stories to tell!

All Boujad rug offered by Benisouk are old and unique and available in defferent sizes such as 5×8, 8×10, 9×12. We pay particular attention to the state of conservation of our Moroccan rug to ensure that they retain their undeniable authenticity.