Moroccan Floor Pillows

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Moroccan Floor Pillows & Cushions

Moroccan floor pillows is a wonderful decor to enter the Moroccan touch to you space easily. It makes really a change in your home’s ambience. Moroccan floor cushions are the best decoration you can use simply to change your home decor from a simple decor to the Moroccan bohemian one. Accordingly it can be used in several ways.

Moroccan Floor Pillows for each space

Moroccan floor pillows are versatile decors that we can place in any space of our house. We offer a range of pillows and cushions to create a berber atmosphere in your home with this floor seats as the main element of the decoration.

Moroccan floor pillows on the terrace

Summer evenings are ideal for enjoying the sunset in good company. On these occasions, you can't miss the relaxing music and soft drinks like mojitos, margaritas ... This season, we propose you to decorate your terrace by taking inspiration from the jaimas of the desert.

To do this, we will place on the floor moroccan floor cushions of different colours combined with leather pouf and complete the decoration with copper lanterns.

Moroccan floor pillows in the room

If we want to give our bedroom an exotic touch, what better way to decorate it than in an berber style? For this, we need elements typical of this culture, such as a low wooden bedside table, Moroccan rugs, large moroccan floor pillows and soft moroccan pillows to place on the bed.

Moroccan floor pillows in the living room

One of the places in the house where we spend more time is the living room, where we meet our family and friends after a nice meal.

In berber culture, there is an element that cannot be missing, in addition to the comfortable beni ourain floor pillows on which it is possible to sit, we are undoubtedly talking about tea.

For this reason, if you want to decorate your living room in berber style, don't hesitate to buy a silver teapot and crystal glasses decorated with gold filigree.

How to use Moroccan Floor Pillow

Extra Seating: Place a few floor cushions around the room or under the coffee table, ready to remove them for guests.

Spacing storage: Ideal for storing your items via the zipper at the bottom of the footstool.

Footrest: Place the pillow just in front of the sofa, and start a new episode of your favorite series.

Decoration: Add a Moroccan bohemian touch to any room.

Discover in the Benisouk online store how to decorate your home with Moroccan floor pillows. Be inspired by the advice of our best interior design experts!

How Moroccan floor cushions are made

Moroccan floor cushions are handcrafted in Morocco using some vintage Berber carpets; such as the kilim and Beni ourain. Those Moroccan rugs are hand-woven entirely of 100% natural wool and feature traditional Berber motifs and patterns that take months to complete. The floor pillows are pre-filled with 100% cotton. Moroccan floor couch bring a warm and bohemian atmosphere to any area.

Discover in the Benisouk online store how to decorate your home with Moroccan floor pillows. Be inspired by the advice of our best interior design experts!

Moroccan floor pillows for sale

Benisouk offers very beautiful moroccan floor pillows for sale, choose from our wide range of cushions. Beni ourain, Boucherouite, kilim, Handira...

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At Benisouk, we have an amazing collection of Moroccan floor pillows, they are available in different colorful designs, so you can choose the one that impress you more.

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