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6 Ways To Use a Moroccan Wedding Blanket

16 Mar 2019
6 Ways To Use a Moroccan Wedding Blanket - Benisouk

Moroccan Wedding Blankets, called Handira in the Berber tradition, are worn by the bride over their shoulders as garment. These are handmade by Berber craftspeople in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The textiles of this beloved decor are part of a storied tradition for blessing newlyweds. But their romantic history is not the only thing that makes them highly desirable. The incredible texture of the handwoven cloth, with patterns of thick fringe and a bit of sparkle from mirrored sequins, can make everything better from floors to furniture.

Read on for 6 ways to use the Moroccan Wedding Blanket to upgrade your home decor.

Moroccan Style Bedspread

Moroccan wedding blankets make beautiful bedcovers, adding textural interest and a touch of glamour to this serene sleeping space. Since most wedding blankets are neutral in colour, covered with fringe and bedazzled with dozens if not hundreds of mirrored sequins.

Cozy Sofa Throw

The original intention of Handira was to use it as a wrap around your shoulders on a chilly evening. But these unique, intricately woven textiles look appealing no matter where you toss them.

On The Floor

Add unexpected texture to an empty hall by laying a wedding blanket as a floor cover. Just be aware that Moroccan wedding blankets catch crumbs like crazy and are not easy to clean, so it’s best to use one in a low-traffic area.

As a Fabric Headboard

To update a headboard easily, drape simple a wedding blanket over the center of your headboard. For the best fit, measure your bed before shopping, and look for a Handira that will cover at least two-thirds of the width of the headboard.

Textile Wall Hanging

Instead of hanging framed artwork above the bed that you can bump into or knock down, why not hang a wedding quilt? The textiles are rich and warm, making them a perfect choice for the bedroom.

Bonus Way

When you can’t afford a new sofa, give the one you got a charming new look by using two cute Moroccan wedding blankets to spruce up your seating area. Or use it to cover your pillows.

Buy a Moroccan Wedding Blanket

It’s not easy to find a good QUALITY Moroccan wedding blanket for sale. But in our website click here, you’ll be able to find the REAL, made by traditional Berber Craftswomen.

6 Ways To Use a Moroccan Wedding Blanket - Benisouk


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