Flatweave Kilim Hanbal Rug

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Flatweave Kilim Hanbal Rug

The Berber Kilim rug or Hanbal rug brings personality, authenticity and character to any interior. From their characteristic motifs to their daring colors, they warm up and change the atmosphere … Go back to the heart of the Moroccan Berber universe.

Highly prized and trendy lately, this Flatweave rug appeals for its “kinfolk” style, a bohemian chic style. In Consquence,dethrowning the Scandinavian style that has endured for several years.

Moreover, these rugs woven in Taznakht and in the High Atlas symbolize the identity of the Moroccan Berber tribes. Also, The rugs are handmade by the Berber women thereforthe patterns and designs are specific to each Berber tribe .

Where to buy Kilim rug?

Our Benisouk shop is the best place to buy Kilim Rug. We offer a wide range cof beutifully colourfull and patterned rugs that can match any type of home style. Also, they are available in different sizes; such as 2×3 3×5 4×6 5×7 8×10… Besides, our rugs are 100% authentic, and are handmade by local Moroccan artisans.

Accordingly, we have a wide selection of genuine Berber / Hanbal / Taznakht Berber rugs made entirely by hand and 100% Moroccan Atlas wool made by the best Moroccan Artisan craftswomen.

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We offer Worldwild shipping, So if you want to buy Kilim Rug from Australia (AU), United Utates (US), United Kingdom (UK) , Canada (CA) and more… Don not worry we got you!!! Your order will be delivered to you in 1-4 Days.

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