4 Ideas to decorate little girl bedroom with Moroccan decor

April 02, 2019 3 min read

4 Ideas to decorate little girl bedroom with Moroccan decor

Today we are going to know some tips and ideas to decorate girl’s room. The brief for a soft and feminine room, based on colorful Moroccan decor, such as Moroccan rug, blanket, pillows and pouf. This decor will make her room full of fun, love, and whimsy, because it’s time for her to have a bedroom that reflects her status as “dynamic personality”.

Continue reading to know how to use Moroccan decor in your girl’s room.

Make it happy 

Moroccan berber Azilal pattrned with symbols in a decor BENISOUK

Wallpapars are good to make the room happy, but there is no denying that the rug has an essential rule to make the room’s atmosphere positive and joyful. The rug is the personality of the room and the clorful Moroccan rugs are the best personality for girls room. Moroccan carpets known by citrusy bright, full of cheerful touches, and almost tropical in its sunshiny intensity, that gets everything right such as cute patterns; but it’s the lime green, sunny yellow, and fuchsia pink palette that steals the show. It’s hard to find a better color combo for a little girl’s bedroom. But no worries there is always the best rug for your little girl’s room.

Moroccan candies

Moroccan pillows Moroccan cactus pillow Moroccan pillows Moroccan weeding pillow Moroccan pattern pillow BENISOUK

Moroccan pillows are great accessories to decorate your home with, they’re beautifull colors and patterns that add a bright sens of life to any room. They can turn your interior from monotonous, tired and drab interior into a gorgeous and vibrant one.
We all know that kids room have always to be colourfull filled with life and sunshine, thats why decorating it with Moroccan pillows is a great idea!! So to accentuate the childish and fun ambiance, choose Moroccan Pillows with bright and vibrant colors. There is also, Pom Pom pillows wich are perfect for a child’s room. Hence the fun and playfull side they got.

Jazz up the room

Moroccan berber beni ourain rug with floor cushion pouf in a decor BENISOUK

Moroccan poufs don’t only have pretty names, but are also making headlines in the field of design for good reason.This type of furniture is highly versatile and easy to use in your girl room or kids room in general, where they can function alone or in multiples to add texture and pattern to the rool. They come in all sorts of colors and can be used as a box, small table for your kid or just as an accessory.  I think it’s safe to say the Moroccan pouf is the new garden stool!

Rainbow baby girl blankets

Moroccan pom pom blanket BENISOUK

Add more than just a small pop of color to your baby girl room decor with the colorful Moroccan blankets! Bright beauties they are fun forever, from the early stages of color planning to the years of happy cuddling under those finished blankets. Each one of these Moroccan blanket will make the room of your little girl smile from start to finish!

Accesorize your little girl room to give prominence to the entire Design. Lay a colorful Moroccan Rug on hardwood room floor. Finally add two Moroccan poufs use one as table and second one as a seating to create a casual seating area for your girl.

Where to buy Moroccan decor

As the cherry on top of the cake, your little girl room has to be decorate with meaningful decor, comfortable and luxury at same time, if you are looking for a great collection of Moroccan decor,click here to shop Moroccan products with affordable prices.

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