How to design a Moroccan bedroom in a few easy steps

How to design a Moroccan bedroom in a few easy steps

Moroccan decor is characterized by it’s gorgeously intricate architecture, vibrant colors, and exquisite furnishings . 
Overall, Moroccan interior design is very extravagant which is one of the many reasons why it’s very popular, and admired. And decorating your bedroom in this style adds a touch of sophisticated, worldly elegance. 
With a beautiful Moroccan light casting soothing shadows, vibrant colors and comfortable cushions, an otherwise boring place becomes an oasis where the eye is pleased and the heart is filled.

In this post, i will be showing you some tips to decorate your bedroom Moroccan style.

Moroccan Lighting fixtures

Lighting sets the room’s ambiance. Moroccan hanging lanterns can make the room come alive. Select lighting fixtures with elaborate details. Instead of traditional lamps on beside of tables, place a colored-glass Moroccan lantern. Or you can hang a metal lantern from the ceiling,for that oriental feel. And to keep it real Moroccan and in theme, you can also add candlelight by inserting candles into brightly colored, heat-resistant tea glasses that feature Moorish patterns.


To acheive a Moroccan style bedroom look, place a brightly colored comforter on the bed. Choose a solid color or one with stripes of color only at the bottom to provide visual space at the top of the bed to display a myriad of pillows. Use Moroccan throw pillows with mirror accents and intricate designs. Embroidered linens also add a Moorish touch to the decor. Arrange them at the top of the bed for best visual impact. Hang a colorful mosquito netting canopy from the ceiling above the bed to add height to the design.

Play with colors

Warm, vibrant colors are a hallmark of Moroccan decor. So, choose bright tones such as vibrant blue, sunshine yellow, flame red, emeralk green for walls, linens, rugs and accessories. You can temper these heavy hues and help balance the decor with earthy colors from tan to brown. 
On the other side, to create a bedroom with less color saturation, paint only a feature wall in a bright shade and use a neutral tan color on the other three walls. In addition,Use gold or silver metalllics to highlight colors and patterns for a pinch of sparkle and shine.

Moroccan accessories

As the cherry on top of the cake, Accesorize your Moroccan style bedroom to give prominence to the entire Design. Lay a Moroccan Rug on hardwood bedroom floor. Hang an arch-shaped, painted-tile, framed mirror on the wall. And to create a casual seating area, add two leather pouf ottomans at the base of the bed. Finally, if you have an empty corner you want to fill, you can place an intricately carved wooden floor screen to give the bedroom texture and height, completing the many layers ofMoroccan design.

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