Guide: How to choose your Moroccan rug and decor?

May 17, 2019 4 min read

Guide: How to choose your Moroccan rug and decor?

Traces of history have shown that families belonging to the upper class are more into using antique products at their home. The very first thing that comes in providing your homes with the royal look is the carpeting. Have you ever seen a Royal Palace that has no carpets? Of course not!! From her highness palace in England to the Royal Families turrets of India and from Real life queen homes to the Disney princess homes in cartoons, there is not a single citadel that lacks carpet. Thus one thing is to confirm that for giving your houses a royal and classic look you must do carpeting complementing with the luxury interior design of your home.

However, the biggest problem attached to using rugs and carpets in the interior boulevards of your home is the selection of the best product that intimates with the furnishings at your home. The biggest solution this problem is using Beni Ourain luxury Moroccan carpet/rug. Well, I am not here to promote or advertise Beni Ourain carpets and rugs, all I am telling you is the least costed solution to your home interior designing.

Why choose luxury Moroccan carpet / rug by Beni Ourain?

First of all, Beni Ourain is the only producer of handmade luxury carpets and rugs enriched with ancient techniques of Moroccan style designs. The amazing aesthetics used by this person belongs to the most ancient tribal styles of Marrakesh. Besides this Luxury Moroccan Products are Best For Interior Design because the ancient Moorish culture is be breached with antique architectures of Medina, sculptures of Marrakech, and the luxury Moroccan carpet/rug fleck a royal soupçon of Andalusia provides a classy guise to your dwelling.

Advancement in using Moorish Culture enriched luxury Moroccan carpet/rug:

If we compare the use of antique products in the history with today, then we have seen that people prefer to use handmade Luxury interior designs even more. Why, because it never let you feel out of place when equipped fluently. The Moroccan styles are perpetuated with the brighter tones to garnish woods, acrylic mosaic figurines that provide a dramatic yet enticing look to your surroundings and make it vivacious and eye bragging to the viewers.

Secondly, the high-class families more prefer to use luxury Moroccan carpet/rug because they go with every settling and spacing. The brighter tones used inside the rugs make the inner space inside a room more spacious in a royal way. Also, these rugs and carpets give an easy going temperament to the surroundings.

How should I Select the luxury Moroccan carpet/rug:

The options of decorating your house with the Luxury interior design is good but a little hard to opt especially when it came to the selection of the best Moroccan carpet. Here are the tips you can use while buying rugs and luxury interior design products of your home along, explained with benefits:

1.   History of the Carpet Designer and Market Reputation:

Yes, the first thing you need to look upon the history of the carpet maker. There are novice carpet designers who no doubt try to offer a good product, but the lack of experience and skills is easily visible in their products. Unlike this, skilled carpet designers who have a big number of experience in the making ancient folklore breached carpet and rugs, have developed aesthetics. They know techniques of making a luxury Moroccan carpet/rug to make it relative to the old arts of Marrakech.

2.   Design should be Completely Ruptured with Ancient Moorish Art:

Now the carpet demand is high, so there are many novice designers trying to make carpets complementing the Moorish culture. But again, as experience matters hence they remain unable to provide the exact tribal feel to their designing. Thus, you will have to select a designer who has read the cultural traces through the experience of weaving carpets. If we talk about Beni Ourain luxury Moroccan carpet/rug, the designer has made carpets by using patterns from the 12 ancient Moorish tribes and tribal art.

3.   Choose Handmade Carpets and Rugs:

The third thing that matters the most is choosing handmade products. There are many reasons to choose a carpet made with hand weaving such as;

  1. Such carpets depict the ancient essence of the Moorish folklore because there were no weaving machines available at that time.
  2. Handmade luxury Moroccan carpet/rug is more reliable and dependable and never gets torn or broken even years after years.
  3. Handmade rugs and carpets require no maintenance. Yes, you don’t have to send it to an expensive carpet cleaning every time, in fact dusting with a simple brush can make it look new.
  4. Handmade carpets complement with the furnishing of your home because they have the number of colours in them. Thus, you do not need to change the paint in the surrounding while buying the rug.
  5. There are no traces of using chemicals and gases in the handmade carpets. Such toxic materials can bring many diseases like asthma.
  6. Handmade crafting is more attractive and grabbing than the machine made carpets.


The above-mentioned discussion highlights the use and importance of handmade rugs and carpets in your houses and the places that you want to give a royal finish. We also discussed the advancement that has developed in the use of handmade products. The content also highlights the importance of using carpets and rugs made by using manual techniques. I have also suggested you one of the most classic and fine handmade carpet maker Beni Ourain. 

Lastly, we will suggest that home no matter which sorts of products you choose to garnish it and to give it a lavish look, will require your time and management. You will have to give at least one hour to maintain the settling of your home. Otherwise, the most expensive products and luxury interior will never look good and lose its life. For a long lasting life of the interior of your home, it requires regular dusting and cleaning. 

Where to find Moroccan decor products online?

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