How to decorate your garden with Moroccan decor

March 22, 2019 3 min read

How to decorate your garden with Moroccan decor

Anyone who has visited the bustling, busy medinas of Moroccan cities like Marrakesh knows that the Moroccan garden which is at the heart of almost every large house and certainly riad which is a place of calm, a serene and soothing retreat from the noise and activity outside. These private gardens have traditionally combined Islamic, Moorish, and French influences and are a rich source of ideas for outdoor spaces. Moroccan style if a great choice for decorating outdoor rooms and adding color to traditional backyard ideas. Bright decorating colors feel festive, optimistic and energetic.

Continue reading to know how to Create a comfortable and welcoming outdoor living space with Moroccan style decor on your patio.

Why creating a Moroccan garden in your house

Moroccan decor ideas for your outdoor rooms can help create colorful, cozy and stylish places to entertain with friends or relax in summer. Super stylish, comfortable and bright. Moroccan style please the eye and transform outdoor rooms into exclusive, exotic and impressive retreats that bring unique designs into modern homes.Moroccan design concept is incredible and flexible. Nestled between Europe and Africa, the Atlantic and Mediterranean. Morocco is a country of mixing cultures, influenced by the lots of cultures surrounding it.

How To Turn Your garden Moroccan

Turning towards Moroccan-inspired garden is far easier than giving your interior a Moroccan touch. And unlike in the case of many other design styles. You don’t need extensive space for this bright and brilliant style. Complete with complex patterns and colorful tiles, it’s all about showcasing your unrestrained enthusiasm for life at its dazzling best! Not all of us are comfortable enough to completely commit to a theme. And when it comes to a style that is as exotic as ‘Moroccan’.

It is obvious that we want to test the waters before taking the plunge. You can begin by giving your garden subtle Moroccan accents in the form of trendy lighting and cool ottomans. Most often, these will fit right in with your contemporary outdoor landscape. And the glittering lights will add to the dramatic appeal of the setting. This is also the best way to find that perfect balance between the chic urban look and the audacious Moroccan style.

Here is some ideas to decorate your garden moroccan

Soften the edge!

Moroccan rug in the garden BENISOUK

Comfortable seating areas that encourage long, relaxing evenings outdoors are almost an art form in Morocco. And speak volumes about the cultural importance of food and hosting. The Moroccan rug is the most flexible accessory to decorate your garden. Because it will give your garden a real feel of calm and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally all types of moroccan rugs are suitable for your garden. If you want to see & shop Moroccan rug Click here. Lay a Moroccan rug in the centre of your garden.

Puffy Pouf!

Moroccan Floor Pillows Benisouk

Moroccan poufs are flexible for any use, and in different ways, as seating or table or use it for pets or to stuff; i talked before about this usages in this article click here. So, surely you can use it in your garden. It will make your garden extremely amazing. But it’s counseled to use colorful or neutral poufs to decorate the garden because it give it a delightful feeling.

Candy Pillows!

Moroccan pillows are great accessories to decorate your home with. They’re beautifull colors and patterns, add a bright sens of life to any room. They can turn your interior, from monotonous, tired and drab interior into a gorgeous and vibrant one. The bedroom is a good place the kids room is great, the living room is beautiful. But in the garden is perfect, it’s all about colors in the Moroccan garden. So, it’s also counseled to use colorful pillows on your garden chaire to color it. Also you can use it as a throw pillows it’s like seating pouf in the centre of your garden on the top of a fabulous vintage rug with a snow white pouf used as a table… I promise it will make you feel good!

Where to findMoroccan accessories

As the cherry on top of the cake, Accesorize your Moroccan style garden to give prominence to the entire Design, if you are looking for some moroccan decor as rugs, pillows, poufs and blankets, check out and feel free to browse our website click here.

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