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Moroccan Decor: All Your Keys!

18 Jun 2019
Moroccan Decor: All Your Keys! - Benisouk

The Arabic or Moroccan decor, with its carpets, cushions and forge lamps, aims to awaken all your senses. It seduces you with its colours and style to decorate your home.

Aladdin’s lamp, the magic carpet, “The Thousand and One Nights”, and in general, the whole Arab world, has always hypnotized and generated a great fascination in the western world due to its halo of mystery and exoticism.

And as it could not be otherwise, the Moroccan decor and crafts, with their lamps and crystal lanterns, their pottery and tapestries, evoke magical worlds and awaken our senses in all of us.

Morocco is an oasis between the sea and the desert. So close and yet so distant, it is full of charm and mystery. Its decorative style drinks from its culture and its oriental identity.

Moroccan decor is becoming increasingly popular in interior decoration around the world. Its key factors to success are:

  • Its natural materials,
  • Its colours,
  • And its tea ceremony.

    Natural Materials in Moroccan Decor


    Where conifers end, stone, plaster and mud begin; more than a third of the world’s population lives in houses made of earth. There are several ways to turn raw clay into solid architecture, but the most common is adobe. In Morocco, the Kashbahs, fortress cities built of adobe, are noteworthy.

    Adobe is made from unfired earth bricks that are sometimes combined with straw, moulded and left to dry in the sun. Today, many of these Kashbahs are standing. And in their decoration, we can find many materials:

    • wood,
    • pottery,
    • leather,
    • wool,
    • silk,
    • clay...

      Colors in Moroccan interiors

      The Moroccan decor style relies mainly on colours. In the wealthiest houses in Morocco and in the most beautiful Riads in Marrakech, the walls made with the 'tadelakt' technique are painted with very bright colours. The red and orange, which are inspired by the magnificent sunsets.

      Green and deep blue, found in the sea.


      And the tones of gold, light brown, yellow and grey, reminiscent of the desert, are the preferred colours inside houses in Morocco.

      The Tea Ceremony

      If there's one thing that's characteristic of a Moroccan home, it's the tea ritual.

      "Bitter as life, soft as death, sweet as love"

      Generally Arab teapots are made of carved metal, but in Morocco, a teapot is used in a particular way that is specially designed to drink mint tea.
      Tea is served at the table on a metal tray, accompanied by small glass glasses in the shape of a cane decorated with various colours.
      The Moroccan or Arabic decoration, with its details, colours and style, seeks to awaken all your senses. Candles, silk, colours and ethnic motifs never cease to seduce the eyes and soul.

      Where to buy Moroccan Decor?

      Several villages in Morocco offer real Moroccan Décor, but it is not easy to access them.

      That's why Benisouk helps these people to share their creations with the world.
      Browse the wide catalogue of Moroccan Decor available at Benisouk, Click HERE.

      Now all you have to do is choose the decor that will perfectly sublimate with your interior!

      Moroccan Decor: All Your Keys! - Benisouk


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