Berber rugs have been at the forefront of the Moroccan décor trend that has been making waves around the world. The oriental style of these handmade Berber rugs makes them special and worthy of admiration, having been made with beautiful colours and traditional materials. Discover the legends and stories that hide behind these rugs.


Beni Ouarain rug

There are many different types of Moroccan Carpets and they are named after the tribe or area where they are traditionally made. While it can be confusing to understand the defining features from one tribal style to another, a timeless favourite has always been the Beni Ouarain, made by the women of the tribe who bear the same name.


 It is very easy to recognize a Beni Ouarain carpet because it generally has a neutral colour base (white, grey, ochre) while being decorated with geometric lines or a contrasting colour.

It is perfect for decorating large spaces in the Nordic style, where a room is made vibrant by reflecting light off bright colours. The simple contrasting patterns stand out and make the room look elegant and orderly. Made of sheep's wool, the Beni Ourain carpet has a very pleasant texture for feet to walk on or children to lay on.

Origin of Beni Ourain rugs

Beni Ourain carpets are woven from the wool of sheep native to the grazing pastures of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Carpets are woven on large vertical looms and can reach a considerable height. Women traditionally weave the large rugs with their hands from a cotton and wool base, and in ancient times, were made to be used as bedspreads or blankets.


How to decorate with a Berber carpet

Moroccan rugs are perfect for almost any style and have been recognised as one of the cultural gifts that Morocco has to share with the world. In the last few decades, Moroccan and Arab rugs have been enjoying growing popularity, and are set to continue their fashion setting trends. If you are looking for a bohemian touch in your home decoration, you cannot go wrong with a Beni Ourain rug. It is made of cotton and wool which are very versatile fabrics, suitable for both colder and warmer seasons alike.

You can always add your personal touch with other Moroccan objects such as a teapot, geometrically inspired cushions or ceiling lights that will compliment any rug to enhance the Arabian look of any home.