What makes a Moroccan Kilim rug so unique?

What makes a Moroccan Kilim rug so unique?

If you want to make a unique addition to your home, there is no better choice than a Moroccan Rug. The textiles & Carpets that have been conventionally hand-woven in Morocco have an essence of their culture and values. The rugs are woven since the stone age period by the local Morocco people. These hand-woven rugs by the locals are conventionally considered as a utility rather than a beautiful spread.

Are you concerned about the image that your home reflects on your guests? Designing your home has always been a challenging task, it is hard to find so many soulmate interior designs all at once. When you are planning to add sofas and a lot of furniture you can’t miss on the different rugs for your room. But choosing a spread itself is challenging as the rug has its own larger world with countless options available for its shoppers. Don’t miss on the benefits of the Moroccan Rug, served as bedding and ornaments to keep people warm in colder regions, or bedding and saddle blankets in more temperate regions. The entire world of rugs provides you greater varieties to carter your needs.

Elegant Berber Rugs

Berber rugs are among the most popular types of Moroccan Rugs. These are designed for cold regions and tend to have a thicker texture and gives you a luxurious bedding and soft feel on chilly evenings. The geometric designs and solid colors are the unique aspects of Berber rugs. Conventionally hand-woven, made with elastic wool fibers from a specific sheep breed adopting the hand-knotting method. These rugs are originally designed for warmth in colder regions or climate.

Uniqueness of Berber Rugs

Stain resistance is Berber rug’s biggest strength. It’s a good weave that creates it's resistance. Many folks are drawn to its distinctive “handcrafted” look (Berber carpets are manufactured in factories like each alternative carpet so that they don’t seem to be handcrafted.) It additionally doesn’t show footprints or vacuum marks. As long because the carpet is clean and brought care of, it maintains its original look. The cherry on high is that if you prefer Berber carpets, they usually don’t break the bank. betting on the fiber used, it’s a comparatively cheap vogue. At Benisouk.com, we offer the most authentic carpets. Take a look at our selection HERE.

Taznakht Rug Zanafi Rug from Iznaguen Znaga

A Rug from Taznakht Region. This kilim rug is called Zanafi. Available at Benisouk.com

Kilim Rug Varieties

Have you been looking for a thinner Moroccan rug? Nothing can be better than considering the Kilim rug varieties mainly designed for the warmer climate. Wool is the essential material in production and has a more extensive array concerning colors than Beni Ouarain carpets. These kilim rugs provide decoration as other natural fiber hand-woven rugs and can even be used as a wall hanging or as room divider instead of a conventional area rug to preserve the design. Kilim rugs have a variety of colors woven in with no distinctive pattern. Kilim rugs incorporate a flat weaving technique employing a loom and have geometric and original patterns that use heaps of colors. It isn’t uncommon to check baubles and beads woven through for added dimension. A beautiful form of handcrafted print floor covering, these items are ornamental parts that deal with nearly any piece of furniture vogue and ornament.

Uniqueness of Kilim Rug:

  • Numerous applications
  • Usually reversible
  • Hung on the wall
  • Elegant regarding decoration
  • Easy to wash
  • Light-weight
  • Antiallergic
  • Due to their composition, they are not electrically conductive, made with natural fiber

Where to find best Moroccan carpets?

Benisouk.com provides a wide range of Moroccan carpet that you can find on no other website with most competitive rates and authenticity. So, don’t waste your time! Your desired rug is just a click away from you now. Place an order and wait for the most pleasant order to arrive at your place in 2-3 days. Discover our Kilim rugs and other types of Authentic Moroccan rugs and deco HERE.

Glawi Rug from Taznakht Region Ait Ouazguite

Glawi rug from Taznakht – Ait Ouazguite . Available at Benisouk.com

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