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Why decorating with a Moroccan rug is the new big Trend

25 Feb 2019
Why decorating with a Moroccan rug is the new big Trend - Benisouk

You must have seen a Moroccan rug staring up at you from the floor of your friend’s house or in a posh modern hotel. The rugs have been in fashion for a long time and recently their popularity has surged once again.

The original Beni Ourain rugs have been prepared by hand by Beni Ourain tribes in mountains of Morocco for generations. In the early days, these rugs were used as a cover for bed, because of their warm and soft texture. Additionally, the Moroccan carpet is softer and plusher as compared to the normal rugs that we have in stores.

Trendy and classic

In the old picture of Royal families from bygone eras, most feature a piece of carpet always kept on their floor or hung on the wall. It is the Moroccan rug, because at that time the rug was a symbol of royalty and wealth. The rugs are trendy and will stay in fashion for a long time. The biggest attractive feature of the Moroccan rugs are that they give a classic appearance to the modern interior and still look amazing decades later.

Highly comfortable

The Beni Ourain rug is very comfortable. Even when you sit on the rug, you won’t feel the hardness of the floor. There are many people who specially buy these rugs because they have small children who like to play on the floor and leaving them on the soft rug is a better option. While manufactured rugs use a fibre that can be irritable to the skin, true Beni Ourain rugs are made with 100% natural wool and organic dyes found naturally. And don’t worry about the spills, because Moroccan rugs are very easy to clean.

Durable and long lasting

The biggest attraction of the Berber rug is that it is very durable. It is manufactured with the original and best quality wool.

  • The fibres of handmade Moroccan carpet are closer to each other with such perfection to assure that the overall strength of the product can be enhanced.
  • Once the Moroccan rug is prepared it is commonly tested by the manufacturers to assure that it will last longer.
  • If you will pay closer attention, you will notice that most of the historical rugs that are 100 or more years old are commonly Moroccan rugs. As Moroccan rug making is a trade passed from generation to generation, it is the sign that the materials and methods use result in the high durability of these rugs.

Warm and cozy appeal

Once you get a Moroccan handmade rug in your house, it will give it a warm and cozy appeal. You will notice that it will become the masterpiece of your house. The moment you will set your eyes on the carpet it will give you a sense of relaxation and pleasure because of the amazing design and warm looking fabric. There are many people who have kept their rug near their fireplace at a safe distance. They like to sleep in front of the fire on their rug because it’s warmer and cozier.

Available in a variety of patterns and colours

Beni Ourain rugs are available in a huge variety of colours and patterns. The manufacturers have been dying the rugs for many years. Therefore, the sheep’s wool is available in a large range of colours. They use different types of natural dyes to dye the wool properly, assuring that the rug will not lose its colour with the passage of time. These trends are then used to make different types of patterns. You will be surprised to know that Moroccan rugs have a better variety in colours and patterns as compared to common industrial carpets.

They are handmade

Berber rugs have always been and continue to be handmade. There are expert men and women who make these rugs. And they are working day and night to manufacture some of the best rugs. You can even get custom designs and it will be prepared in a reasonable time. Handmade rugs are softer and more durable than the industrial rugs, because the machining process of industrial rugs results in the wool losing its softness and reliability after moving through the machine.

Available in all sizes

The industrial carpets are commonly available in standards size, which means you can get it only if you have enough room. If you are planning to cut a rug to size, you must know that the carpet will get damaged easily. On the other hand, the Moroccan rug is available in a variety of sizes. You can also have it in different shapes like round, square, rectangle and even some irregular styles. It means that you can even have the smallest rug for your office or a huge one in your living room.


If you’re looking for some special Moroccan handmade rugs you came the right place, Benisouk has the biggest collection of Moroccan rugs available in store. The rugs are handmade with the finest quality sheeps wool, in order to assure that you can get the appearance and warmth that you need.

Why decorating with a Moroccan rug is the new big Trend - Benisouk


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