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3 Ways to use a Moroccan rug

02 Mar 2019
3 Ways to use a Moroccan rug - Benisouk

Moroccan rugs are hand-woven and elegant. The art of handcrafting these very special rugs has been handed down generation by generation, creating a tradition that brings a lot of pride to the people of Morocco. It offers so much style to any space. If you are interested in getting a Moroccan rug, you must be wondering the different ways you can use a Moroccan carpets in your home.


The most common use for Moroccan rugs are as the floor. These are especially great options to have in spaces, like the dining room or living room, where you want to add a dash of colour on the floor. These can be great accents or even focal rugs for the space, creating a feel in the room that is as unique as you are. You just need to be sure you find the perfect one to match the space. For instance, if the rest of your décor in the space is more neutral, you may want to find a rug that will add a pop of colour to bring life into the space. If you have a lot of colour, you may want a more muted neutral rug. A Moroccan rug on your floor will bring warmth and comfort into the space.

If you are looking for something even more interesting than this, you can use certain Moroccan carpets in covered outdoor areas, because style doesn’t have to be just for your interior. You can even place 2 different rugs that look stunning together side by side on the floor in any room to add even more visual appeal in the space.


Who says that you only need to place a rug on the floor? As previously mentioned, Moroccan rugs were used for many different purposes around the home and they are still versatile today. Do you want something unique to hang on the wall instead of the standard paintings? You can find a variety of sizes and styles of Moroccan carpets that are as bold or neutral as you could possibly want. This is a very trendy way to use these rugs and it offers a unique touch in your home that will be a conversation piece. Look for one that is especially unique if you want your rug to stand out on your wall. Be sure to get something that fits in with the rest of the décor in the space.

Use the rug on the Bed

There are lighter Moroccan rugs that you can purchase that are reminiscent of a very warm blanket. You can use your Berber rug as a top blanket on colder nights if your normal bedding isn’t warm enough for you. Another option here is to fold a lighter rug up and drape it over your bedding or on a bench next to the bedding to add a touch of style into the room. Again, you want to be sure that you don’t overpower the space by getting a Moroccan carpet that is “too much” for the space. Find something that complements the space, giving it a boost rather than drawing attention away from the overall design scheme in the room.

Where to find the original Moroccan Rug:

Moroccan rugs offer style and history, making them such an incredible design asset in any space. If you are looking for an amazing selection of rugs, you will find so many options by visiting our page click here. Feel free to browse around and admire the stunning craftsmanship that goes into each rug.

3 Ways to use a Moroccan rug - Benisouk


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