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Easy Tips for decorating with Moroccan rugs

by Andrew Hopkins 18 May 2019

A Moroccan rug is a versatile creation that can have many uses, from being a divider to a daybed, while also fulfilling decorative functions to bring real flare to any room. In our modern era we are blessed with a wide range of Moroccan rug sizes, types and materials, from runners to vast lounge rugs. Each style has their own utilization, both practically and as a design highlight. As a Moroccan rug sets the tone for a room, it is important to pick the right design, size and material for its intended purpose.

Tips to Use Moroccan Rugs for Interior Decoration:

Rugs can add versatility to a room’s décor and layout, either highlighting a shading scheme in a room or by supplementing a current colour scheme.

An easy design trick is to use contrasting layers: a plain backdrop with a highly textured rug on top, vice-versa. Rugs can be a variety of shapes, rectangular, round and squares being the most common. This allows you to choose the shape of a rug to match the furniture in a room. And rugs don’t just need to be for the floor or the wall – traditionally they were used as dividers during the day, held tight by rope to display the full decoration of the rug while affording maximum privacy.

The fact you can roll a rug up and transport it allows for flexible design choices. In more classical times, large Merchant houses often had one or two large multi-functional rooms whose purpose could change day to day. Often, there would be a set of rugs, floor pillows and furniture appropriate for any function somewhere in the house which would be moved to the function room as needed. In this way, Merchant houses were always a showcase of ever evolving décor combinations, as the furniture was always being moved about.

A rug may be taken out into the garden for a picnic, or it may be rolled out in a dark room for a nap. It could be put under a table to provide decoration for business meetings or protrude from under the table to provide a comfortable habitat around an office desk. The prominence and centrality of Moroccan rugs to daily activities have afforded rugs the significant cultural status to require them be beautifully decorated and of made to a high, enduring quality.

Ideas to decorate rooms using Moroccan Rugs:

We have listed a few distinctive approaches which can be use to decorate using Moroccan Rugs.


Moroccan rugs can be used to characterize or isolate regions like seating or eating areas and anterooms. This can be particularly useful in studio design or for bigger rooms that need designations within it, such as a play corner.


Two same sized rugs can outwardly partition a room into two. Two different sized rugs can create a feeling of variety within a space.


When using more than one Moroccan rug, it's better to choose supplementary styles to foster a feeling of harmony.


Use a loved rug as the basis for a colour scheme in a room or to highlight or complement your current hues and furniture set up.


Utilize a rug to outwardly soften or intensify the atmosphere of a room as required. In case that your backdrop or upholstery has a lavish décor, pick a Moroccan rug that is more unobtrusive, vice-versa.


You can use a Moroccan rug as an inside decoration to lead the way down a hallway or to make a point of convergence to focus attention, for example around a coffee table.


You can use Moroccan rugs to create living wall decorations when they are not being used elsewhere. This is a common way to store out of season rugs, so they are ready for when their time comes.


Rugs do not need to be square or rectangles. Oval and circular rugs are the most common non-oblong shapes, but rugs can be made to any shape. Think about what shapes would look best in your room.


Leaving the floor uncovered at the edges makes the room look somewhat bigger. A good rule of thumb is to subtract 3 feet from the length and width of the room. When laying a rug under a table, leave about 24 inches of the rug from the edge of the table out on all sides. This empowers the back legs of the chairs to remain on the rug. Runners ought to be 4 inches smaller than your lobby and 18 to 24 inches shorter, but should be sufficiently wide to fit both feet when walking down the runner.


Change rugs and pillows every so often to refresh a room for evolving seasons or to present new shading patterns.


You can use a level weave Moroccan rug to easily refresh an upholstered daybed. Pick a rug that is a couple of inches smaller than the width of the mattress, and just wrap and tuck until the point that you have a smooth wrap up. You can add a bohemian vibe by adding a heap of pillows, using common prints to reinforce a style.

You should utilize a liner to shield the Moroccan rug from creeping or slipping. The rug liner ought to be fitting for your floor type, and furthermore be the correct size to completely shield the rug from sliding.

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