4 Ways to use a Moroccan Leather Pouf

March 13, 2019 3 min read

4 Ways to use a Moroccan Leather Pouf

The most trendy handmade decor recently is the Moroccan leather pouf. Because it adds a vintage and fabulous atmosphere to any room. Therefore it makes a change in your home mood. Moroccan leather pouf is the best decoration you can use to change your home decor from a basic one to a Moroccan decor. Accordingly it can be used in several ways.

Follow reading to know How to use a moroccan leather pouf in several ways 

Use it as a seating

One of the most common thing that a Moroccan pouf is used for is extra seating. You can easily place a couple of poufs around the room or under the coffee table, ready to be pulled out for some guests. Again, poufs work great in kid’s rooms! They’re the perfect height for kids to sit on while they play. But this doesn’t only apply for inside. You can also use these cushions to enhance your outdoor lounge. Just be sure to bring them back inside if it rains so you don’t ruin the leather!

Use it as a box

Now here’s a neat idea. Many people don’t think of this, but a Moroccan pouf is a perfect tool to use as hidden storage. There is a zipper easily accessible at the bottom of the pouf, just unzip it and you can easily hide money, valuables, or any small things you want to keep hidden. You can also use a pouf to store old clothes or blankets. Just remove some of the stuffing, and place in there! Super convenient and easy way to store in plain sight.

Use it for Pets

Natural Moroccan Leather pouf ottoman product Benisouk

It’s a common family rule that pets are not allowed to be on the sofa. Maybe let them chill on an ottoman instead? Its honestly a good place for small dogs and cats to curl up on. I’ve had friends whose poufs were stolen by their dogs and they’ve claimed it as their own! Which shows that the pets really do like them. Just beware that it’s a possibility that they could scratch the leather or mess with the embroidery, but if you trust your dog enough why not let they try it out!

Use it as table

Moroccan gold leather pouf as table BENISOUK

The first way that you can put your Moroccan pouf to good use is simply by using it as table! It is so easy and convenient that I’m sure you’re going to try it at some point. Just place a few Moroccan Poufs near a seating area and it conveniently provides a surface for you to place your plates, trays or anything else you need. It works really well for kids, the area of the pouf is perfect for a small snack, or even a tray for tea time. But it doesn’t stop there, you can use them in the kid’s room for them to play some board games or stack their books and toys. The Moroccan pouf doubles as a table extremely well…

Where to buy Moroccan Leather Pouf

A Moroccan leather poufs are easy to find but the most hard thing is to find the real one, that made by the skillful craftman that made that pouf with love to give you the chance to have it in your home and to benefit from it by all the ways we mentioned above. If you are looking for best Mroccan Leather Pouf, you will find an amazing selection on our website click here. Feel free to browse around and admire the stunning craftsmanship that goes into each rug.

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