The Secrets Behind The Symbols On The Berber Rug

The Secrets Behind The Symbols On The Berber Rug

Moroccan rug is a unique and trendy items that your home would greatly benefit from. Every Berber rug is handcrafted by skilled individuals who take pride in every weave that they make. Each rug tells a different story, so find a rug that truly speaks to you.

As we know Berber women were shy to express and pronouncing their feelings; so the woven rugs were an opportunity for them to show what was hidden in their hearts and to tell their stories. Berber women were painters and the rugs were paintings. Although these women were illiterate but they were able to write on the rugs. When they face the rug they feel free to express, to write, to paint the stories they face in their lives or the feelings in their hearts.

The stories was hidden with symbols. The combination of magic symbolism and minimalist utility gives the Berber carpets their unique appeal. Each carpet carries the weaver’s desire to protect the human spirit from negative energy and shield the human body from the elements. Whether we lay them on our floors or hang them on our walls, these story-filled pieces of art become talismans for our everyday lives.

Here you find the stories behind some symbols on the Berber rugs

The symbols on the Berber rug

The meaning of many symbols has been lost over time, and although mothers and grandmothers have passed specific motifs and designs down through generations, weavers might say they simply weave what they learned and can’t express what it means. Berber designs, even when reflecting certain tribal traditions and beliefs, were intensely personal, and to that end, they must be interpreted with care, as we simply don’t know what certain designs were intended for or how to translate them. And to do so, we would also need to understand the songs, cultures and legends of different tribes. For example, Berbers use these symbols in tattoos as well as rugs.

Typical symbolism in Moroccan rug

Berber rugs are a form of story telling in Morocco. Each is designed to protect the human spirit and shelter the body from the elements. The colors of Berber tell a tale as well, with red symbolizing strength and protection, blue indicating wisdom, yellow representing eternity and green symbolizing peace.


moroccan rug pattrned with symbols

A rectangle filled with a checkered pattern of light and dark, a symbol of fertility. As we see in this picture.


Moroccan azilal rug pattrned with symbols

Resembles a cross made of intersecting rectangles. It’s to carry baraka, a sort of divine power they believe that is to ward off misfortune. Heal the sick or bring good luck


Eye symbol on the Moroccan rug BENISOUK

Concentric diamond pattern that symbolizes protection against the evil eye. The cross in its center deflects evil in four directions.


Frog symbol on the Moroccan rug BENISOUK

An ornate diamond design featuring small diamonds on top and bottom, the frog represents fertility and magical rites.


Beni Ourain Rug category Benisouk

This X shape is a symbol of metal workers and offers respect to metal to ward it off.

Snake and Fish Skeletons

Beniourain rug patterned with symbols

A series of four vertical designs that represent a holy person with magical and medicinal skills.


Square Multicolor kilim rug Symbol Berber BENISOUK

Resembles a hashtag or tic-tac-toe board, a symbol of protection.

As you can see, the symbols, motifs and arrangements of Moroccan rugs can weave a rich tapestry of stories and the long-ago dreams of women who made them. This combined with the durability, quality and uniqueness of each rug means that it will continue to add value to your home for many years.

Where to find the original Moroccan Rug:

Moroccan rug offers style and history, making them such an incredible design asset in any space. They are versatile and you have so many different options that you can choose from. If you are looking for an amazing selection of Moroccan rugs, you can find so many options by visiting our website: click here . Feel free to browse around and admire the stunning craftsmanship that goes into each rug.

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