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5 Fabulous Ideas to Clean Your Sabra Cushions and/or Carpet

08 Dec 2021
5 Fabulous Ideas to Clean Your Sabra Cushions and/or Carpet - Benisouk

If you are like us, you are excited about rug shopping! There are endless choices when it comes to purchasing an authentic Moroccan rug or pouf and we here at Benisouk get a little giddy just pondering the idea. So, let’s say you recently bought your dream carpet for your favorite space. Imagine that it’s a gorgeous original Benisouk Sabra carpet with intricate geometric shapes and patterns. Or a classic Benisouk Sabra in sleek neutral colors. Your next question is-how do I properly and carefully clean my fabulous purchase?

Read on for our best tips in caring for your exquisite Benisouk rug…

First of all, how should you know when to clean your carpet? A good rule of thumb is to take a look at your rug every month or so and ask yourself if the carpet has lost its luster. If so, it’s probably time for a clean.

  1. Go Old School- For hundreds, if not more, years, Moroccans have cared for their rugs by taking them outside and hanging them on a wall and then banging out the dust with a brush. This is a fool-proof way to ensure that everyday dirt leaves your prized possession. Just be careful it doesn’t rain!

  1. Very Vacuumed-Another tip that might not be so innate is to actually vacuum your carpet. Be sure that your vacuum is not too harsh as you do not want to damage the delicate textures of the rug. Also, don’t forget to flip over your carpet and gently vacuum the other side as well. If you are not comfortable taking a vacuum to your beloved Moroccan rug, consider using a soft brush and gently sweep the dust and dirt off of it.

  1. Spot Clean Away-If you drop something on your beloved Sabra piece, it’s best to immediately blot the stain with a towel to absorb the spill or wipe off what is left on the rug. If that doesn’t do the trick entirely, spot clean it right away with cool water mixed with a touch of mild detergent (you can even use cool water mixed with a little white vinegar) after doing a spot test to be sure that the colors don’t bleed. On that note, another tip for ensuring that your carpet is not synthetically dyed is to stamp a very small, inconspicuous area of your carpet with a wet white cloth or paper towel. If the cloth or paper towel leaves color, it is not naturally dyed. You can also use a soft brush if you are cleaning your carpet by yourself with diluted water and dishwashing soap. Leave your rug in the sun afterwards to ensure that it’s completely dry.

  1. Air Dry-A great tip that might not be so obvious is to air your rug outside in the sun regularly. This will keep the rug from getting musty as well as air out any odors…sunshine is such a great natural healer! Do not place your rug outside in the direct sun for too long as you do not want the strong rays of sunshine to fade the delicate fibers of the carpet. A nice balance between the heat of the day and the cool evening is perfect for some rug therapy!

  1. These Boots Were Made for Walking (on Rugs)-Genuine handmade Moroccan rugs were made to last. If they are properly cared for, Moroccan rugs can last over generations. The best way to protect these lovely beauties is to prevent them from getting too dirty with dust and dirt particles. Remove your carpet from high traffic areas. Have your rug cleaned every year or so professionally but make sure that the cleaner has experience cleaning delicate handmade rugs. Dry cleaners tend to use harsh chemicals and we do not want this for your delicate handmade creation!

  1. Switch It Up-If you are really concerned about high traffic areas on your handcrafted Benisouk creation, perhaps move it to another area of the house during the fall/winter months if you live in an area that is prone to rain and snow. This way, the rug is still the perfect centerpiece but it is away from many feet! On the other hand, also consider that direct sunlight for months on end might not be good for your delicate handloomed creation, either. Strong sunlight will eventually fade a carpet. This can be a positive if the rug is vintage and looks cool faded. If you do not wish to have bright colors fade, place your rug in an area of your home where the sun will not pound on it.

In any case, as we mentioned before, Moroccan rugs are meant to withstand time. If you care for it properly, your Benisouk Moroccan treasure will be the talk of the town for years to come.

5 Fabulous Ideas to Clean Your Sabra Cushions and/or Carpet - Benisouk


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