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Vintage Vibrancy-How to Make Your Vintage Rug Last For Years

19 Oct 2021
Vintage Vibrancy-How to Make Your Vintage Rug Last For Years - Benisouk

Bravo, you’ve got your gorgeous Moroccan Benisouk one-of-a-kind rug; now you are curious how to take care of it! A striking vintage rug can be the piece that brings an entire room together; adding color, texture, and depth to the space. Luckily, you do not have to compromise on elegance and style in your quest for maintaining this beautiful piece. Cleaning and maintaining a vintage rug can be quite simple as long as you follow a few clear do’s and don’ts. Read on for our best suggestions on keeping your beautiful vintage piece in tip-top shape:

Organic Fabric

Buying a vintage rug is most certainly investing in a piece of art. Quality vintage rugs are durable and long lasting; however, they need a bit of extra care when it comes to cleaning to be sure that you don’t damage their delicate fibers. A true vintage piece is carefully and meticulously hand woven and has stood up to the test of time. Quality, organic fabric has been used and no synthetic fibers or chemical dyes are contained in the rug itself. Chances are, your stunning, authentic Benisouk rug was made before mass production ever existed. It is also likely created from pure sheep’s wool. The result is exclusive, one-of-a-kind history.

Vacuum Vibes

These rugs have been around likely more than any of us and have seen much more life than your typical, machine-made carpet. They are extremely enduring and tough; made for harsh weather elements and daily wear and tear. That being said, every few years, it’s a good idea to have your vintage hand cleaned by professionals who know their stuff and in particular, are experienced in hand cleaning vintage pieces. Do not attempt to hand wash the vintage purchase yourself or you risk ruining the rug entirely. In the meantime, though, you can gently vacuum your rug once a week or so to stop gust and dirt from settling in. Another trick for rugs is to flip the rug over and gently vacuum the other side as well; where all of the dust and dirt typically collects.

Bang It Out

An easy, quick fix is airing out your vintage piece outside every month. Be sure to choose a sunny day and no rain in the forecast! This will allow your beloved beauty to breathe. If by some chance, you’ve been cooking up a storm and perhaps your rug needs a bit of refreshing, consider sprinkling a bit of baking powder on the rug (both sides) and letting it sit outside. Then, shake the rug out gently to remove the baking powder residue.

Rotation Nation

Another tip to avoid wear and tear on your vintage rug is to turn it regularly. This will avoid sunrays directly on the carpet in the same spot, as well as giving your rug a break from high traffic areas. This can also be a nice alternative to the hum-ho, as changing up your room from time to time and shifting your vintage piece (or two) keeps things interesting!

Blot The Spot

If you do have a spill on your vintage rug, don’t rush to scrub the rug as this will likely damage the fibers and the stain will often penetrate deeper into the integrity of the rug. Instead, blot the stain with a towel and add water very sparingly to avoid saturating the carpet. Lastly, act quickly if you do have a stain or a spill as the longer you wait, the more likely the stain will penetrate. Luckily, vintage rugs are typically made of wool, which contains pure lanolin; a natural stain repellant. If you happen to have a spill, a vintage carpet is more likely to fend off that stain than a factory-produced modern rug. Even more reason for you to buy another vintage rug from our exclusive Benisouk collection!

Vintage Vibrancy-How to Make Your Vintage Rug Last For Years - Benisouk


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