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How to take Care of your Moroccan leather Pouf

17 Mar 2019
How to take Care of your Moroccan leather Pouf - Benisouk

If you’re a Moroccan Decor enthusiast, you are pretty sure you own a Moroccan Leather pouf, if not more than one. It is pretty, chic and comfortable, so I bet you are wondering how are you supposed to take care of it and keep it in tip-top shape.
Fear not, we are here today to guide you in a few easy steps to show “How to take care of your Moroccan Leather Ottoman“.

Taking care of your Moroccan Leather Ottoman

The good thing about Moroccan Leather Poufs is that they will last you a very long while before needing some kind of serious attention. However, when they do need attention, it should be given quickly. Whether you use your Pouf as extra seating, a footstool, or an occasional table, use these tips to take care of your Moroccan Leather Pouf to help it last you years and years.

Key Tips to keep your Leather Pouf in Tip-Top shape

  • Use a dry microfibre cloth, and wipe regularly to remove any dust or dirt collected through use. Alternatively, give it a vacuum from time to time, with a soft brush attachment.
  • Don’t use hard brushes, such as scrub brushes and course brushes. These can leave deep damaging scratches on your pouf, which can be difficult to remove later.
  • Use dry cloth immediately on dry spills. If it stains, use a soft cloth with a little warm distilled water.
  • When you happen to have any type of sticky residue on the pouf, try rubbing the affected area with an eraser. Or, if you’re dealing with something stronger. Go to your local pressing and ask to apply some leather friendly solvent to the remove it.
  • Before using any leather cleaning product, test it first on a small spot that is usually not visible (the underside is probably the best). Remember avoiding cleaning products that are not advised for leather.
  • To ensure the colour of your pouf does not fade, keep it away from direct sunlight, but make sure to air it out from time to time.
  • Also, try not to place your pouf near any heat source. This will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking up.
  • While cleaning, use leather conditioner a few times a year. Pay good attention to the top where people sit and put their feet up. Conditioning a couple times a year will keep the leather soft and supple.
  • Leather has pores, and the overuse of water can lead to staining which could prove difficult to remove. So, avoid soaking your pouf with water and soap!
  • To keep your leather free of scratched and deep scars, don’t let your pet sit on top as their claws can scratch the leather. If you’re using your Pouf as a footstool, be sure to remove your shoes as any buckles, clasps, and metal can also damage the leather.
  • Using your pouf as a casual serving table for tea or coffee is sure a good idea. However, make sure to put a small towel or a cover down first to avoid any spilling and to keep the heat of the cups away from the leather.
  • With time and usage, your pouf may start to sag causing the leather to crease. To avoid or mitigate this problem, make sure to stuff the inside properly so it looks great on the outside.


Moroccan Leather pouf are a great accessory to your home decor. Maintaining to ensure it looks great is quite simple. If you want to see some Moroccan Poufs, see our Collection of beautiful authentic Moroccan leather Poufs at our online shop Benisouk.

How to take Care of your Moroccan leather Pouf - Benisouk


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