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A Standout Nomination for the International Design & Architecture Awards-Benisouk’s Exclusive Luxury Mrirt Rug

01 Oct 2021
A Standout Nomination for the International Design & Architecture Awards-Benisouk’s Exclusive Luxury Mrirt Rug - Benisouk

Thousands of miles from the bustling, cosmopolitan streets of London, the unique story of our Benisouk Luxury Mrirt Rug begins. The tiny kitchen is dimly lit; the space almost entirely taken up by a rickety old wooden loom that is carefully balanced on both ends by two rusted and slightly dented cans.

The woman sitting at the traditional handloom wears many hats-she is a weaver, but she is a mother, a wife and a caregiver furthermore. Her mother was likely a weaver and her mother's mother also; and so on. Weaving in Morocco spans generations of proud families. Let’s call this proud weaver Hiba. Hiba’s hands are worn; calloused and weathered, yet soft. Her fingers work deftly and swiftly back and forth; she is a quiet yet mighty force. She could weave in her sleep it seems; her hands and fingers know exactly their every fluid movement. She talks to her children in the kitchen; assigning tasks, checking in; all without missing a beat.

The comforting, hypnotic smell of baking bread wafts through the air. You could say that Hiba is the family baker as well. On a small, worn table next to her wooden loom is a simple silver pot of tea. A Moroccan tea glass sits patiently; almost as is it’s waiting. Hiba opens the teapot and the enchanting smell of fresh mint envelopes the small space. She closes the pot and pours the traditional Moroccan green tea muddled with fresh mint into the tiny tea glass. She lifts the pot high into the air as she skillfully pours the tea. She quickly pours the tea from the glass back into the pot and repeats the process; ensuring that the sweetened tea is properly mixed. This is life. This is humanity. This is routine. This is tradition. This is the process of rug weaving in Morocco.

The result of weeks of careful expertise on behalf of this skilled artisan? A gorgeous, one-of-a-kind mix of modern eclectic and traditional flair. Our exquisite, whimsically colorful Benisouk Luxury Mrirt Rug epitomizes the beauty and creativity of Moroccan carpets. No one Moroccan rug is ever the same. Perfectly imperfect and gorgeously unparalleled; hand-woven and sublimely displayed.

Our inimitable luxury Mrirt rug proudly hails from the rural Middle Atlas Khenifra region of Central Morocco; where rugged sheep outnumber villagers and the natural elements rule the daily routines of these traditionally nomadic Berber people.

Rugs represent vitality, perseverance and resilience to Moroccans. Carpets are everything when it comes to cold winters and hard, rural floors. In past centuries, their purpose was entirely utilitarian. A sense of careful intent to a much-needed task of warming and providing a little comfort in harsh conditions. Over time, these beauties became more decorative pieces; beautifully adorning Moroccan homes as the proud centerpiece of a familys creative flair. Rugs are very much still the centerpiece of Moroccan life and Moroccan homes. One could almost say that they are the spirit of Morocco. A perfect combination of creativity and comfort for the curious senses.

Design et al is a leading interior design magazine exclusively based in the UK. The prestigious International Design & Architecture Awards; in its 12th year of existence, were born out of a love and appreciation of unique, groundbreaking art in international design. The awards particularly showcase creative innovation, diversity, inspiration and risk-taking in this competitive industry. Only 16 final projects are short-listed for each esteemed category out of hundreds of worthy applicants; ultimately featured in the distinguished Design et al magazine. Benisouk's stunning Luxury Mrirt carpet was awarded the elite nomination for Flooring: Carpet/Rug. This honor is particularly special as the winners are meticulously selected by global interior design industry insiders; our respected peers. The International Design & Architecture Awards are the pinnacle of recognition within the fabulous world of design. We are particularly delighted and proud to share our gorgeous creation and unique story of this exemplary handmade Moroccan rug with the world…
A Standout Nomination for the International Design & Architecture Awards-Benisouk’s Exclusive Luxury Mrirt Rug - Benisouk


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