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Decisions, Decisions! Choosing Between A Gorgeous Beni Ourain Or a Luxury Mrirt Rug

30 Sep 2021
Decisions, Decisions! Choosing Between A Gorgeous Beni Ourain Or a Luxury Mrirt Rug - Benisouk

Picture a plush, sumptuous beauty that squishes softly and lavishly underneath your delighted toes. Introducing Benisouk’s exclusive, custom-made Luxury Mrirt Moroccan rugs. Let the magic guide your sensations…

In the world of luxury carpets, divine Moroccan rugs are clearly King. Beni Ourain, the recognizable, trendy rugs are conspicuously present on the high-end global forefront of carpets. However, it’s the lesser-known, even more luxurious Mrirt rugs that are starting to take center stage in the hip world of fashionable rugs.

A far cry from the dynamic hubbub of any Moroccan city, you will find the rugged, rural Middle Atlas Mountains; the most northern mountain range in this mystical country. There is a misconception that the famed Beni Ourain rugs, gorgeously shaggy and magnificently luxurious, are named after a specific Berber tribe in this region of Taza, Morocco. In fact, Beni Ourain is a collective name for the 17 tribes that have proudly called the Middle Atlas region their home for centuries. Historically, Beni Ourain carpets were functional in purpose; created as heavy blankets and thick bedding to sustain the harsh, relentlessly snowy winters of the Middle Atlas region. These days, beautiful Benis have caught the eye of the extensive worldwide market. They are bold, trendy, current, and unapologetically chic. An innovative mix of traditional and contemporary artistry. Benisouk is incredibly proud to showcase our custom, one-of-a-kind, magnificently timeless Beni Ourain line of rugs.

Beni Ourain carpets are widely renowned for their exquisite quality of pure wool; believed to be attained only from selected sheep in the high altitudes of this rocky, rustic terrain. The soft, organic wool is then carefully woven by skilled female weavers; whose hands to their craft are like bees to honey. These expert artisans artfully, beautifully create these fine pieces on rickety wooden handlooms inside their homes. Often, the stunning results can take several weeks or even months. Generations of female weavers masterfully produce these thoughtful, ageless pieces. Once a weaver, always a weaver, you could say in Morocco; where nature and the great outdoors inspire artisans to create distinctive, unique pieces that will continue to endure for centuries to come. These masterpieces, often splendidly adorned with intricate, traditional Berber or ‘Amazigh’ patterns and symbols, speak for themselves. A true blend of a classic look and a sprinkle of bohemian chic all in one.

Gorgeous Mrirt rugs, on the other creative hand, are the ‘up and coming’ hip rugs with a contemporary flair, so to speak. Our fabulous BeniSouk Luxury Mrirt rugs are made uniquely from pure, organic New Zealand wool. High pile, they are much softer, more supple and even more luxuriant and exclusive than their cousin, the Beni Ourain rug.

Our custom Mrirt carpets are well known for their bold patterns and distinguished colors. Mrirt rugs are often a fusion of the Beni Ourains with classic Berber geometric patterns, distinctive shapes and vibrant hues. The Mrirt tribes are located higher up in the Middle Atlas Mountains; where the harsh elements of nature rule the land. The outcome is an even more luxurious, opulent finish.

Our exclusive, handmade luxury Mrirt rugs are skillfully loomed using traditional knotted Berber weaving techniques with a thick pile top. The best of both worlds as Mrirts are inspired by the traditional look of the Beni Ourain carpets but they are emerging as a trendy choice in today’s world due to their distinct, lozenge designs and vibrant patterns.

These magnificent beauties are a fabulous addition to any modern, sophisticated home. Benisouk’s Luxury Mrirt carpets are the perfect centerpiece; adding a combination of whimsical charm and refined elegance to your sleek furniture and cultivated interior design. Just waiting to discover and indulge…

Decisions, Decisions! Choosing Between A Gorgeous Beni Ourain Or a Luxury Mrirt Rug - Benisouk


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