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Moroccan Rugs & the Ecological Movement-4 Fabulous Reasons To Buy Vintage

05 Oct 2021
Moroccan Rugs & the Ecological Movement-4 Fabulous Reasons To Buy Vintage - Benisouk

If you are looking to switch things up in your home and go from bland to beautiful, consider a vintage rug (or two!) from our gorgeously exclusive Benisouk collection. Read on for our 4 best reasons to go vintage and how a fabulous Benisouk, one-of-a-kind Moroccan rug can take any space to a whole new level…

  1. Handmade History

Delve into the heartfelt story of your vintage Moroccan Benisouk beauty and imagine the possibilities. Each rug tells a unique story and when you buy one, you inevitably pay homage to the skilled female weaver who created it. You can learn about the incredible region from which the carpet comes as well as the traditions and culture associated with the particular Berber tribe who specializes in these timeless pieces. A new rug pales in contrast to this incredibly charming, authentic story.

  1. Durable Delight

When you purchase a vintage Moroccan rug, the carpet has already proven its worth and quality over time. Vintage pieces tend to be stronger and more enduring than their modern equivalents. In years past, the quality of work and the fibers themselves were built to last in harsh weather and extreme temperatures. Historically, Moroccan rugs were utilitarian in purpose; meticulously woven on simple wooden looms in the home by skilled female weavers for the purpose of blocking out the frigid winter cold in the famed Mid Atlas region of Morocco. This rural region is where nature is king. Our vintage pieces have hand knotted ends that are less likely to come undone. The colors won’t bleed because they are made from high quality natural dyes. The rugs do not shed like machine-produced rugs because the quality of wool is superior to anything made quickly on a factory loom. Today, you can still find a stunning vintage beauty that has lasted through the test of time and still looks magnificent in your home.

  1. Environmentally Extra

New, factory-made, mass-produced carpets are almost always made with synthetic dyes and fibers. Assembly-line manufacturing eliminates the unique story of a handmade Moroccan treasure; lovingly and carefully hand woven by an experienced family matriarch at home. These skilled female weavers often hone their artful craft for generations. Buying a timeless antique Moroccan rug proudly allows these stories to continue. You’re also preventing the carpet from being discarded and ultimately ending up in a landfill. The practical benefits of buying vintage means that you are helping the local Moroccan economy. Purchasing from Benisouk also means that you are aiding to keep a small business afloat and in today’s global market, compassion and sustainability count.

  1. Diversity Darlings

Luckily for you, the choices are vast when it comes to choosing an authentic vintage Moroccan rug from our stunning Benisouk collection. Each of our striking vintage rugs is unique; meaning you will never find another one like it! The likelihood that you will fall in love with a Benisouk rug or two is quite certain as the options are vast! Incredible colors, patterns and fabrics await you, as well as any size you desire for your perfect home space. Or, if neutrals are your jam, check out our elegant monochrome pieces. And because Moroccan carpets are so incredibly varied and diverse, they go with most different design schemes; whether your style is modern or classic. Despite having a clear vintage appeal, these beauties also fit perfectly with a sleek, contemporary flair. Beautifully versatile, utterly gorgeous…

Moroccan Rugs & the Ecological Movement-4 Fabulous Reasons To Buy Vintage - Benisouk


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