Marrakesh: the land of Moroccan handcraft

March 01, 2019 3 min read

Marrakesh: the land of Moroccan handcraft

Marrakesh, a previous royal city in western Morocco, called the red city. Is a noteworthy monetary focus and home to mosques, castles and gardens. The medina (the old city) is a thickly pressed, walled medieval city dating to the Berber Empire, with maze-like back streets where flourishing souks offer traditional materials, pottery and adornments. An image of the city, and noticeable for miles, is the Moorish minaret of twelfth century Koutoubia Mosque. Moroccan handcraft is what Marrakeshknown by. We will see some types of moroccan handmade products such as: Moroccan rug, Metalwork, Clothing, leather goods, pottery and marquety.

Why Marrakech is famous for Moroccan handcraft products?

In this surged 21st century there are very few of us who realize that in Marrakech there still exists a medieval universe of skilled workers who are making with their hands, perfect works of art. Century after century entire families, passing on the exchanges from father to children, have kept Morocco’s masterful traditions alive. The family’s know how, constantly open to commitments from the outside world.

Unfathomably, these Moroccan gifted workmen, dissimilar to their brethren in different parts of the world, have battled against the machines of the advanced age and have not lost the fight. With aptitudes acquired from their dads, they deliver, today, a portion of the best Moroccan handcraft products on the planet.

Let’s talk about some of the famous Moroccan handcraft items that you can surely find when you are strolling Marrakesh below:

Attractive rugs

Excellent floor coverings and rugs. Referred to locally as “Zerbiya”. While the weaving techniques are not remarkable to the city. Morroco is one of the country’s most noteworthy cover creating cities. During the 13th century, the medina was flooded with a large number of weaving studios, and numerous workers in charge. Moroccan rugs back recently to the trends of interior design,

Varied metalwork

Marrakesh is likewise an inside for metalwork, and handmade tea kettles, side tables, lights, mirror edges. The souks are perfect for looking into workshops and perusing an arrangement of finished metalwork products. Notwithstanding copper, the city is outstanding for bronze items. Glass work, musical instruments, wood carvin and bone carving work are only a couple of other traditional Moroccan handcraft items.

Marrakech clothing

While numerous pariahs relate the kaftan and djellaba as Moroccan handcraft dress. There are a few different items clothing of apparel that can without much of a stretch be spotted in the city. The most poopular production in Marrakesh is jabador, a set with light-weight pants and a tunic. Cloth or cotton is the primary materials of Jabador is regularly and it is accessible in a scope of hues. Another Moroccan handmade piece of clothing for men is the selham. A long, sleeveless piece of clothing, it ties at the best and affixes rather like a cape. Gifted tailors and sewers likewise make a specific kind of djellaba, known as a Djellaba Biziwiya.

Diverse leather goods

Marrakesh is home a portion of the most seasoned and biggest leather tanneries on the planet. It is likely nothing unexpected, in this manner, to discover that the city is acclaimed for its handmade leather goods. You can discover items as: packs, belts and shoes that have been privately made and in addition footrests and other leather goods. Amongst the leather goods you find in marrakech streets are leather poufs. That have a powerful presence in the field of moroccan handmade interior design.

The city is an inside for traditional footwear, “Balgha”. Alluded to the Moroccan handcraft slipper, the flat and heelless leather shoes. You can wear “Balgha” outside and in addition inside the home.

Practical and appealing pottery

Pottery production has been a noteworthy industry in Marrakesh for many years. The encompassing zones create rich clay, handcrafted on a foot-worked potters,wheel. Set in the sun to dry, painted, and fired in a kiln. Alongside the cities of Meknes and Safi. Go for a walk through the Pottery Village, and look as craftspeople work the clay.


Marquetry is another conventional art: ornaments, wooden furniture, chess sets. As well as little wooden boxes prepared in cedar, oak and thuya, also mirror and boxes outlines decorated with camel bone. Numerous wooden goods are decorated with facade or mother of pearl. Regularly the nature of complete is not as much as perfect: pivots are focuses to watch.

Where to find handmade Moroccan products online?

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