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Totally Tuareg-Tuareg Mats; The Best Kept Secret in Moroccan Interior Design

12 Oct 2021
Totally Tuareg-Tuareg Mats; The Best Kept Secret in Moroccan Interior Design - Benisouk

If you have a passion for interior design, then you likely already know about the fabulousness that is Moroccan rugs. From high pile Beni Ourain delights to stunning Boujad beauties and beyond, the options are as endless as enduring the haunting sand dunes in the Sahara sun. However, savvy locals and experts alike have a secret that you perhaps might not know. Tuareg Saharian mats have finally (and deservedly) caught the eye of the international high-end design market:

These unique Tuareg Saharian floor mats originate from Mauritania and Mali and have trickled into to Morocco over thousands of years from North-West Africa. The Tuaregs proudly share common cultural aspects and traditions with the Amazigh (Berber) tribes of Morocco. As both the Amazigh and the Tuareg’s economy revolved around trans-Saharan trade in the past, this created a significant and everlasting impact on their art, including textile and in particular, these versatile mats. Each Benisouk Tuareg mat has been carefully and skillfully created in line with generations of proud tradition and culture.

These incredibly versatile mats continue to hold a significant place in North African culture today and beyond. True to the nomadic history of their hearty makers, these durable mats historically were used for practical purposes against the harsh elements of the desert climate. The expert women who continue to skillfully weave the mats to this day use natural products that are readily available where they nomadically live; reeds and palms.

For centuries, Tuareg mats have been created the same way-plant based and then meticulously decorated with intricate strands of goat or camel leather. The mats are often beautifully adorned with striking Berber symbols and geometric patterns; they are extremely adaptable and multipurpose for your every need. Our gorgeous mats contain no chemicals or synthetic dyes; an added bonus in the quest for global sustainability and environmental compassion.

Whether this beauty be be placed outside to accentuate a casual picnic with whimsical, charming flair or inside to highlight an eclectic, dynamic indoor space, Benisouk’s Tuareg mat has endless possibilities for your special space. Perhaps even consider a bold move-hang a matt on your wall and instantly, you have a unique conversation starter and a beautiful art piece. Or, roll up your matt and take it out on the town or to the beach with friends-these striking pieces were made to be long lasting and durable and easily mobile.

Luckily for you, our exclusive collection at Benisouk has a wide range of sizes, colors and designs. Warm, earthy tones are the finishing touch to these magnificent mats. Transform any space and your room will be the design talk of the town. Tuareg mats are beautifully symbolic of the Sahara and its shimmering, golden atmosphere. As always, our authentic pieces define resilience and Bohemian charm.

Here’s a handy tip for cleaning stains from your one-of-a-kind Benisouk Tuareg mat:

Take a soft toothbrush and mix a little water and white vinegar. Gently brush. Do not saturate with water. Never rub the stain. If, for example, you spill red wine on your mat, softly blot the spot to remove as much of the wine as possible.

Totally Tuareg-Tuareg Mats; The Best Kept Secret in Moroccan Interior Design - Benisouk


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